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Monday, June 27, 2016

Homeschool Teacher's Summer

The kids are currently on a summer school schedule. They are working on review items and continuing a few items they really enjoy that will be on their schedules in the fall. Most days have been relatively easy for them, and it's working well so far. Every summer looks different for us. In the past we've completely taken off some summers, worked a full school schedule through some summers, and sometimes we do what we are doing this year.

Typically while they school in the summer, I work on their full fall and spring schedule. If you've been around the blog lately you'll notice I've recently reviewed two homeschool planning tools. I've been busy putting them both to work as I adjust everything for 4th and 7th grade. Prior to joining the Crew, we usually used the same or very similar curricula, and I had quite an easy system for planning it all out. This year as I started to choose their subjects for 2016-2017, I realized I had an abundance of resources already available!

I decided right away that I would take advantage of using as much as I could that we already owned. Not only do my many bookshelves groan under the weight of books and textbooks, but I found my computer FULL of downloads that I've purchased or won over the years. We also have access to several online sources that we don't always utilize to their full extent. So I set about deciding what we could use and what we would really need to buy.

I'm happy to say I've only made a few purchases. The bulk of our homeschool budget for this year will go to ink! Speedy is able to use several books and resources that Apple used for the same grade level. Apple will be taking 2 classes outside the home this fall and the resources for those classes will be covered in her fees. It's taking me quite a bit longer to put it all together this time (by this point I'm usually finished!), but it is taking shape.

Both kids needed some change in their organization methods. Earlier this year we adjusted one from a drawer system to a basket. It has worked well but will be getting tweaked even more. The other student is finally willing to let go of their drawers (I think) and will be using a spiral notebook and binder for each subject. That works particularly well for those that we are printing and using.

Every few years I get the urge to change their seating. Every time I think it will be the last time. You think I'd know better by now! Apple began at the dining room table then moved to a small table. When Speedy joined the "class" they both got little desks and chairs. Soon they outgrew those, and the grandparents found them larger school type desks and chairs. While those still fit them, they aren't perfect for our schoolroom, and they don't offer much storage space. Now I'm dreaming of putting two larger student desks with drawers in the room.

Just like all of life, our homeschool is constantly changing. I tend to resist change but I know that it is necessary for progress. While this summer planning time feels like a lot of work, I'm hopeful about the good it will bring about in the fall and spring. How is your summer going?

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