And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jammin at Home

I first heard of Winter Jam several years ago. The tour's nearest stop is usually about an hour or so from where we live. The last two years I've considered going because I know Apple in particular would really enjoy it. We haven't made it yet but I did recently receive a DVD titled This is Winter Jam to review for Family Christian.

I expected this to be a recording of part of one of the concerts with maybe some bonus features that gave more information on the concert. This is so much more! It is an hour and a half movie about Winter Jam. It features members of many well known Christian bands telling their experiences with Winter Jam. It also gives behind the scenes information from the crew and even the tour pastor. We learned how the bands come together for worship during the tour and got a history review about the whole thing and how it began.

And there was music! Lots of music and footage from actual concerts from names you'll recognize like King and Country, Francesca Battistelli, and Building 429. I was really impressed with this DVD and totally enjoyed watching it. Of course Apple did too!

Now we REALLY REALLY want to go to Winter Jam! You can find your own copy of This is Winter Jam at

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