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Monday, June 27, 2016

Learning History in a Fun Story #colonialamerica

If You Were Me and Lived in...Colonial America is by Carole P. Roman, and we recently received it for review. This paperback book contains more than 50 pages. It is illustrated by Sarah Wright. The book tells a story from the perspective of someone born in London in 1620. The story tells common names of the time and discusses the journey to the colonies. It gives detailed information about the historical time period in a way that kids can understand and maybe even relate to! Apple & Speedy both enjoyed this book as well as another in this series that was sent to us.

While this glossy paged book will appeal to younger children, I think older kids will like the story and pick up on the historical facts in it. There is a list of important people in the back along with a glossary of terms. This book is a great addition to our homeschool shelves and would be especially significant when studying early American history.

The combination of fun facts along with serious concerns during from the time period (lack of food, illnesses) makes this a learning book rather than just a story. This was our first experience with the If You Were Me and Lived In...series and we look forward to enjoying more in the future!

This book can be purchased on Amazon.

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