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Monday, June 27, 2016

Old Testament for Upper Elementary #onlineBible

We have used some Veritas Press products in the past so Speedy was excited to receive 12 month access to their Self-Paced Bible Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua course. Prior to receiving this as a review item, both kids tried a free trial of the new option and both enjoyed it. Speedy was happy to be selected to review the full self- paced course for us. I picked him to do the course because he hasn't had as much Bible study as his sister, and I felt like he would benefit more from it.

This is our first experience with a Veritas Self-Paced course. I received a parent login and password, and Speedy received his own account. This course breaks down the events that occur in the Old Testament from the very beginning to Joshua. The lessons are broken into 32 events that are studied through 128 lessons. Each event has 3 days of lessons and then a test. This fits perfectly into our 4 day per week routine. Speedy would start a new event on Monday and do the test on Thursday. 

Each lesson includes a mix of videos and activities to cover the highlighted Bible event. The videos are short and humorous but pack in a lot of information. Speedy has done well with this program, but he has scored all over the scale. His average is a B right now which is perfectly acceptable. He either seems to do really well on the activities and tests or very poorly. It isn't a steady grade that he is receiving. 

Speedy says:
"I like that the characters in the videos are dressed up. Asher is my favorite. I like some of the games I get to play on there. It seems like my lessons are getting longer as I go."

I love that this course is Self-Paced. He logs in alone. He goes through his lesson alone. The website is laid out in a very student friendly manner. Everything is graded instantly. The longer we go on our homeschool journey, the more I have come to appreciate programs like this. I work from home and have 2 students simultaneously doing school each day. Any program that takes all or most of the pressure off of me is a win! Of course that only works if the student is enjoying the program. Speedy likes this Old Testament 1 course, and he often does it without being prompted or asked. He enjoys seeing his own grades and upcoming lessons without needing to ask me for the information. Apple liked the free trial and would have been happy to have done a full course of this herself. 

There are a variety of games that pop up throughout the lessons. He recently enjoyed one where he was able to "plant" seeds and buy supplies. He earned gold coins by answering questions correctly. This type of game has kept him involved and interested in the lessons.

I think this course would appeal to upper elementary to middle school students. Veritas Press actually lists this course as a recommendation for 2nd grade. I'm not sure Speedy would have followed along with this 2 years ago. It's just right for him now though! Veritas also offers other Self-Paced Bible courses as well as some Self-Paced History courses. We've had such a success with this one that I will keep them on my list to research more in the future. As for the parent account, it was an easy way to log in and check his grades. It was just as easy to log into his account and check his scores. I think if I had more than one student doing a course, I would be utilizing the parent account more often.

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