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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Online Record Keeping #homeschoolorganization offers online planning and record keeping for homeschools. I recently received an annual membership to My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) for review. This has been a very interesting product, and I've spent quite a bit of time on it during a free trial and the review period. This planning program is all online and has worked well for me using Google Chrome on my desktop.

I started using this program with the intent to use it as a digital planner for our summer work. This digital planner gives you the ability to set up a calendar for your school year and to include holidays and vacations. You can then set up each student and assign them a grade level and classes. After setting up their classes, there are a couple of different ways to add lessons to the classes. You can add lessons one at a time or do "Create-A-Plan" and either do "Quick Split" or "Rapid Repeat" lessons. I struggled in this area a bit because I do very descriptive lesson plans. I like to either give a specific worksheet or lesson such as "10C" or "Week 8, Day 1 video and worksheet" or "Read pages 6-18". I never found an easy way to set up those kind of lessons in succession. I ended up working on nearly every subject one day and lesson at a time. It was a bit time consuming. On some of the subjects, I allowed the program to just assign lesson 1, 2, 3, 4, etc to speed up the process. I did appreciate that it was easy to share lessons between the students. In some classes, Apple and Speedy work together on lessons or they do the same lessons independently. It was nice to only have to enter it once and then share it.

One reason I like to give descriptive lessons is so I can just print out a weekly plan for the kids. This program will email you daily or weekly. When I would get the weekly email, I would print it for the kids straight from my email. It will print but is a small version in order to use less paper if printing.

Even though it wasn't as easy as I wanted it to be, I was able to set up all their summer classes and start using My School Year. It serves as way more than a planner though. With this record keeping website, you can track grades, extra curricular activities, awards, and attendance! The program gives you as the teacher the ability to adjust the grading scales and to enter all the extras for your student. A nifty little Teacher's Aid is available to assist you if you are missing certain information for your students or plans.

I really like the extra curricular activities feature. I was able to input their sports and keep track of their camps for the summer too. While there isn't a feature to add those things to their schedules (that'd be nice though!), it is a great way to track all those additional classes and activities they participate in.

I have to say that my favorite aspect of My School Year is the grade tracking. This is a HUGE plus for me. This past school year I really started putting some emphasis on grades with my kids. They'd fallen into a pattern of not putting forth their best effort with their schoolwork because they knew I'd give them a chance to correct it. We are still working on overcoming that habit so we will continue to focus on grades this year. Last year I made a really simple spreadsheet to keep up with their daily grades. It was so very hard to calculate everything at the end of each semester. It wasn't organized well at all and I paid for it with several hours spent pouring over it trying to calculate final grades. It wasn't a good thing. In the Planbook, you open each lesson to mark it completed. When you do that you have the ability to assign a grade for that day's work or to complete it with no grade assigned. Hallelujah! Just what I needed. Not only that y'all. It calculates it all for you. Every day. The scores are always right there ready to access. I could cry tears of joy. I'm sure there are other programs that do that, but this is a biggie for me! It's also big for my kids because they can access their scores at anytime through my account to see where they stand.

Now that Apple is in 7th grade (GASP & sob), I have been looking ahead to requirements for high school. It can be a little overwhelming just to look over all the lists. One thing I've worried about is tracking her time for each class. My School Year will do that too! In the same screen that you can mark lessons complete and assign a grade, you can also input the number of minutes spent on the lesson. Score! This would make high school record tracking so much easier. You can even download a report card to print at any time!

While My School Year is a planning tool, for me it has worked even better as a record keeping tool. There are loads of other options to keep reading logs, print other types of reports, and add course materials. I am looking forward to utilizing this program over the next year to track our grades and print quarterly report cards for the kids. I'm also going to keep an eye on this program as we get closer to high school.

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  1. Hi Edie,

    Thank you for your review.

    We wanted to make you aware of something that you wrote. The email is condensed and compact to reduce the amount of paper needed. You can always use the PDF email to get a more precisely formatted print out.

    Also, here’s a nifty little tip. Create a class of “activities”. You can create “lessons” which are really activities and assign dates if needed. Best thing: you can keep it off transcript/report cards and have the daily activities sent to you via email as you stated previously. Check out this post:

    As a reminder, if you ever need assistance while on the site, we have both a support email and a toll-free support line. That contact info is located on every screen.

    Again, we appreciate your review.

    My School Year Support

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I did edit one remark about the emails above based on this information as it was not something I had considered doing. I really do appreciate the email tips you send out, and this system is working great as a grading tool for me. I hope my readers will take the time to take advantage of the free trial offered on so they can see all the benefits your program offers.

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