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Monday, July 18, 2016

A New World

Book 2 of the Summer Grove series by Cindy Woodsmall finally arrived on my doorstep for review. Fraying at the Edge continues the intriguing story of two young women who have learned they were switched at birth. Skylar grew up in the world with 2 parents who are both now married to other people and have other stepchildren. Ariana grew up in an Old Order Amish community with her closer knit but poor family and many siblings. In Book 1, the 20-somethings were told they had to switch lives for a year or suffer worse consequences.

Skylar has been thrown into an Amish home with no electricity, little money, and no way to score the drugs she thinks she needs. Ariana is forced to get a driver's license, remove her prayer cap, and wear Englisch clothing. Both girls experience a complete upset when they arrive to their new worlds. The swap of the girls affects both of their families and everyone around them.

This was such an interesting storyline. Skylar and Ariana face unusual circumstances, and I think the author did a great job of walking the characters through the challenges. A Book 3 should definitely be in the works! After reading another book about them, I can't wait to find out how things end for Ariana and Skylar. There's no telling in this particular series.

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