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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Latin Derivatives #hsreviews

Apple recently began Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin: Derivatives I from Laurelwood Books that was sent to us for review. She completed a Latin I course last year. While she isn't quite ready to begin a new Latin class, I thought it would be great to keep her dabbling in Latin this year. This Derivatives I book was a great way to do that. 

Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin is a gentle workbook aimed at grades 2-5. While Apple is in a higher grade, I felt like this was a good no-pressure study for her. This is a paperback workbook with a total of 144 pages, and it includes an answer key in the back. There are 15 lessons, and it is recommended to divide each lesson into 2 weeks of study. There are 7 days included in most weeks, and then every 5 lessons a review is included. Each lesson presents 10 Latin words with their English derivatives. The activities include tracing, fill-in-the-blank, matching, crosswords, and multiple choice. There are also short writing assignments. The beginning of the workbook includes 2 pages of notes on pronunciation and Roman Numerals. The back of the book contains a 2 page vocabulary list of Latin words. 

Aside from keeping up with some Latin study, I think learning derivatives is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and spelling. Apple has enjoyed using this workbook. She likes tracing the words in cursive, and she also is enjoying the easy activities. Since she is looking forward to a full workload for 7th grade in the fall, the pace of this Latin workbook is great for summer. I assigned her lessons as recommended. Most days she completed more than 1 activity because they were so short. For the first day of a lesson, the student reviews a chart with the 10 Latin words along with their meaning and English derivatives. They trace the words in cursive for the first activity. For Apple's current lesson, the second exercise is a fill in the blank. The next day she will match an English derivative to its Latin word. For the days following she is to fill in a story, do a multiple choice page, write a story, and finally do a word search. That is 2 week's worth of activities. 

The title of the workbook comes from a series of Latin readers and workbooks that are available from Laurelwood Books. Olim in Latin means "once" so the books are filled with stories and parables. There are 6 Olim readers with 6 corresponding workbooks. This Derivatives I book can be used in conjunction with that series, or it can stand alone. We've been using it alone.

From what we have seen with this workbook, I think the Olim books would be a wonderful way to initially introduce Latin to an elementary student. This Derivative I workbook could certainly be used with an upper elementary student that has some cursive experience. I think it would be a great way to start down a road of Latin success! I also appreciate that in this workbook some writing is included. Students are encouraged to use as many of the words from their lessons as they can. This has led to Apple writing some fun short stories. She is looking forward to completing this workbook before moving on with further Latin study. Speedy is in the age range for this workbook as well, but he has not done any cursive study so this was a better choice for his sister. 

I've enjoyed browsing all the other items that are offered from Laurelwood Books. From Patriotic Penmanship to State the Facts, there is a little something for everyone. They are graciously offering YOU (my readers) a 20% off discount using the code "blogger 121". This code is good until August 15, 2016. 

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