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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Unique Puzzle Review #shakestirsolve

Enlivenze LLC recently sent us one of their FlipStir Puzzles for review. We received the Tyrannosaurus Rex puzzle. It is a Level 1 (their easiest level) and has 10 plastic puzzle pieces inside a sealed clear, plastic cylinder. There is a metal stirring stick with a plastic end that you use to manipulate the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Each puzzle piece is a plastic semicircle with a portion of the picture on one side. The pieces can be manipulated all around inside the container. Honestly I thought a 10 piece puzzle would be easy breezy. This thing can be tricky! I was the first to solve it, and it took me at least 20 minutes. While it wasn't as simple as I expected it to be, it was fun! While there are only 10 pieces, they can flip from side to side inside the cylinder, and you must find a method to separate pieces that are correctly placed and pieces that need to be moved. It can also be difficult to manipulate the pieces with that little plastic end on the stirring stick.

The kids were both very excited when our new puzzle arrived. They argued over who would get to try it out first.

Big sister won that battle and tried her hand at putting T-Rex together. When it wasn't as easy as she expected, she passed it on to little brother.

He had a little strategy going but ultimately gave up. 

A family friend put it together in a little less time than it took me. There were lots of laughs as we watched him figure it out. The kids have played with it several times, but neither has concentrated enough to solve the puzzle. I can really see them spending more time figuring it out in the winter when they are stuck inside. They have just been too on the go the last few weeks to do anything inside that they didn't have to do. Both have declared that it is a fun puzzle!

I did it! And I had to really refrain from taking the label off so I could see my beautiful puzzle!

FlipStir puzzles come in 2 levels, and there are several different options. The level 2 puzzles have more pieces and the edges are wavy! I have a feeling those would take me much more than 20 minutes. Other available puzzles are the Solar System, Stature of Liberty, Periodic Table, and Rainbow Pencils. These puzzles would be great incentive for finishing a particular topic or study during homeschool. For instance, I know Speedy would LOVE to receive the Solar System puzzle as a reward when he finished Astronomy. The Periodic Table would be a lovely present after your student memorizes the table. This would also be a great activity for car trips since none of the pieces can get lost. I may stick ours in the car so Speedy will have an activity for days when we are waiting on Apple to get out of her classes. I like that these puzzles require some strategy to solve them and that they are sturdy so there's no worry of them breaking!

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  1. It appears to be a good puzzle but I don't know if it's like the rubics cube. Gosh people can't just put those down.


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