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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Encouraging Tween Quiet Time #spiritualcirclejournal

Have you heard of the Spiritual Circle Journal? We received a Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens to review. Apple was very excited to get started with this journal. She loves to doodle and draw, and she collects journals and notebooks. I was happy for her to receive this journal because I've been looking for a way to encourage her to have a daily quiet time for prayer and Bible study.

We received a Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens and some scripture and prayer cards to pass out.  

It can be difficult to get kids (or adults!) to sit down and focus on time with God each day. It's such an important discipline to take time to quiet ourselves, read God's word, and pray daily. I don't always do a great job of it, and it's something I didn't even really try until I was an adult. I hope that I can teach the importance of that practice to my children early so they don't struggle with it as much when they are older.

Liz Lassa originally created the Spiritual Circle Journal for adults. It was a success and so she created a version for kids and teens to use themselves. The first 3 pages of the journal are pages for the parent or group leader to pull out. This guide gives information about the Spiritual Circle Journal and how to guide your kids as they start to use it. These pages really give lots of ideas about using the journal in a personal way that works best for your child. I love the suggestions and think they would be particularly helpful with a younger child. 

The journal is spiral bound with a black plastic cover. Apple likes this outer cover because it makes the journal look like a notebook so her brother won't snoop in it. Past that is a clear plastic cover. Inside of that is a colorful cover like the one above that shows the different pictures on the journaling pages. Next there is a white cover so the user can make their own cover. You can see below that Apple has been working on various doodles on her cover. I think she will color it in later. On the back of that page is a Key to the pictures on each journal page. There are spots with prompts for things like Journal Entry, God Moving, and Prayer. The total of 9 journaling spaces will give your tween a place to record almost anything that has happened to them that week. After those main journaling pages, there are Summary Pages with ovals on them. Those are for writing lessons learned and favorite verses. That section also has an instruction page to help the user. 

Apple is familiar with the concept of journaling, so I gave her the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens with only a few short instructions. I made sure to point out the key in the front to help her remember what the special spaces were representing. She's been a bit hesitant, but she has started using the journal some. She's commented that the labels for the pictures help give her direction about what to write or think about. Since there are just over 60 of those pages in the journal, it wouldn't be wise to use one each day. I suggested Apple try to do a page a week like the guide outlines. She could add to it each day, and that way her journal would last over a year. I need to add a note about it to her school schedule so she will have a reminder to work on it daily.

I think the concept of this journal is fantastic. The prompts will really help reluctant writers get their thoughts for the week down on paper. I think it would work equally well for a girl or boy. There was obviously a lot of thought and energy put in to this journal to make all the little details just right. The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens is currently priced at $15 for one or $26 for two making it an affordable option. I think this is a lovely way to ease your kid or teen into some quiet time and journaling. 

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  1. My son also liked to work on his a little each day, adding to one page for a week.


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