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Monday, August 15, 2016

My Current Fave Netflix Shows

I can't believe it's been over 4 years since I did a post on my favorite Netflix shows. I mean we watch Netflix every day. We don't have cable and antennas never seem to consistently work for us so Netflix is our main source of television entertainment. Hubby works crazy hours but most days we find time to watch at least 1 episode of whatever we are currently watching together.

Now in my post 4 years ago, I said it would be WONDERFUL if Netflix had The Middle, Criminal Minds, Golden Girls, and Castle. Well, they've gotten one of those! I just finished the latest season of Criminal Minds on Netflix. I just get wrapped up in the regular characters. I'm really sad that Shemar Moore has left the show, and NO ONE say a word about Thomas Gibson. I don't even want to think about it.

My goofy show choice last time was Raising Hope. This time I have 2 goofy show choices. My friend Jennie totally got me hooked on New Girl. There haven't been any new episodes add recently, but this is a cute show if you don't want to think at all. It's great for when you need a laugh. The second goofy show that I'm currently watching is My Name is Earl. I tried watching it when it first aired way back when but I never got into it. Another friend kept recommending it so I made myself try it, and it is humorous. Certainly enough laughs to keep me going to the next episode.

The throwback show Hubby & I recently binged was Cheers. We'd seen most of the episodes on reruns at some point, but it was our first time to watch them in order. There were several that seemed brand new to us! It was a fun show to watch together, and when it was over we finally tried Frasier. I had never been able to enjoy Frasier before, but we are both loving it now! My mom let an important spoiler slip one day because she didn't realize I had never watched it before. Now I keep waiting on that part to happen every episode. I guess that one's drawback to watching a show years after it aired. 

Obviously Hubby & I both really get into the crime shows. We binged all of NCIS when it hit Netflix. We also have really fallen in love with Blue Bloods. We will watch the newest season via Netflix when we finish Frasier.

Our kids really like The Great British Baking Show and so did we. I wish they'd add more seasons of it! As a family we've also watched Cutthroat Kitchen, Good Eats, and the Food Network Star Collection. Apple & I also enjoyed watching Fixer Upper together. 

Parenthood ripped my heart out. I knew it would. I watched most of the first season when it aired, and I decided it was just too emotional. When it first showed up on Netflix, I tried to ignore it, but I eventually gave in and watched every tear-jerking episode. 

The Office is still the show I can watch again and again. It never seems to get old. Friends is also a good one to watch and I enjoyed watching them in order when it came to Netflix. 

It sounds like we watch a lot of TV but really we don't. We watch an hour or so each night before bed after the kids have gone to sleep. Their screen time each day is limited so they don't watch very often. It's nice to share a show with Hubby when he's home or to have something to entertain myself when he's at work.

What are your favorite Netflix shows?

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