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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Online Treasury of Homeschool Printables #CHSH

No matter how much I prep and plan for homeschool, I always find myself needing additional resources. That's why I was very happy that gave me access to their online CHSH Download Club to review. Christian Homeschool Hub is an online resource for home educators to find resources to download and print. With over 50,000 pages of content available, everyone is sure to find something they can use!

I'd used the Freebie section of this website several times over the years. There are freebies available directly on the website, and you can sign up for an email that will deliver some freebies to your inbox. With this review, I received one year's access to the paid section of the website that is called the Download Club. That is the area that I could spend DAYS just browsing and exploring. There are so many wonderful resources to find, download, print, and use. Seriously. Days and days worth of content.

I spent most of the last few weeks just exploring the site. I've downloaded many resources and printed a few. The very first thing that caught my eye is in the "Miscellaneous" section under Curriculum "Treasures" from the Past. There are full McGuffy Readers from Primer to 6th grade to download. Such a treasure for sure! I've downloaded the 4th grade level. This will be for Speedy to use between his literature studies this school year. He always finishes those ahead of schedule. I can't wait for him to use some of the McGuffy reader. If nothing else, just because it is so timeless and cool! There are 256 pages just in this one resource. It includes vocabulary and poetry. 

My second favorite section is the "Organization" resource area. I know you're shocked, right? There are calendars for each month. I like to print one of those to keep on the fridge as the family schedule. There are planner pages for homeschool. The household planning pages are the ones I've used the most. This year I've been keeping a binder with our household/ family info in it. I've kept budget pages, tax info, and lots of other information in the binder. In, I found a "Home Improvement Goal Chart" and "Home Inventory List" to add to my binder. I love when I find forms like these that are already made. It is so much than making my own!

I've found in that last year or so that one of my children does really well with visual charts on the wall. This has really helped overcome difficulty with some math process and writing rules. The Download Club offers many visual posters to print. My other child does particularly well with bright, colorful printable notes for math and other subjects. Before receiving access to, I paid for several pages of pre-printed Algebra notes for her. The Download Club includes tons of them with a paid subscription! The site also offers many math resources for each grade level. Most of them are little lessons that would be perfect for helping a student struggling through a particular lesson. I downloaded a Beginning and Intermediate Algebra book for Apple that is 487 pages. The next time she is having difficulty with a concept, I'm going to point her to that ebook. 
Speedy is very slowly conquering cursive writing this year. I've found and printed several cursive pages he's worked on. There are also lots of writing pages to print with various sized lines on them to practice writing. Apple is working on beginning French. The Download Club includes various French resources she can use to reinforce words! We haven't restarted our Bible Memorization yet this year, but when we do there are loads of resources for that as well. Last year I made our lessons from scratch. It will be so nice to pick from the available resources and just print them off.

I'd say is about saving time and sanity. This is a well organized site that is just brimming with resources for every grade level and nearly every subject. You can search by category, topic, or keyword. There is a HUGE chart to click through based on subject, grade, or category. Everything feels like it's right there at your fingertips just waiting to be accessed. Need a book unit study? They've got them. Need a book? They've got lots of those in ebook form too! Need a grade sheet, transcript, or reading log? Of course the Download Club includes those too. The $25 (as of this posting) is well worth it because there are treasures galore available at

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