And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, September 19, 2016


Do you ever feel like Jonah? As I've quietly pondered some things the last few days, I kept coming back to Jonah. The Lord told him to do something, and Jonah fled. He didn't want to do what God said, and he had a choice so he ran. God didn't let him go peacefully though. He pursued Jonah. He sent a storm that had Jonah on his knees praying out to Him. In his prayer, Jonah said "weeds were wrapped around my head" (Jonah 2:5). He was drowning in sorrow after fleeing the Lord. So we know he was tossed overboard and swallowed by a great fish. Even after the storm, his troubles weren't over. Eventually he heeded God's request and went to Ninevah. Things went right because Ninevah repented, and God spared them. Jonah was unhappy about the result but that's another story..

It's been a rough few weeks. My heart is burdened. I feel like there are "weeds wrapped around my head". As I began praying about this a few days ago, I remembered something God laid on my heart a few years ago. I didn't like the request so I ignored it. Now I am revisiting it and feeling God lay the same request on me.

I like to think I have my priorities straight. I mean in my head they are right and in order. I'm realizing that what's in my head and what I am pursuing in real life don't really match up. I sent a dear friend a plea for advice a few nights ago and one thing she mentioned was "how do I measure success". That was the phrase I needed to hear. In my head and heart my priorities are God, my husband, and then my children. In real life, if you looked at my day, you'd probably not put things in that order, and there would be lots of other pursuits thrown in the list. I've been measuring my success by the wrong stick.

So starting now, I'm praying and working on putting myself back in order. It won't be easy. I don't like change, and our family is going through several of them right now. I have an idea of what needs to be done but part of me is still fleeing. That's usually a good sign that it's exactly what needs to happen.

Do you write a priority list or have one in your head? Do your daily activities line up with those priorities? 

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