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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Take a Trip Back in Time to Egypt {Review}

Over the last two years, you may have gotten tired of hearing about Heirloom Audio Productions. I wouldn't keep raving about them if they weren't so awesome! The Cat of Bubastes is their latest offering, and I think it is our favorite one yet. This story set in ancient Egypt is based on G.A. Henty's adventure by the same name. The plot focuses on the family of an Egyptian priest and 2 slaves that have recently come to live with them. The story is divided onto 2 CDs and is 2 hours long. 

This particular audio theater production had less battles than previous ones from Heirloom Audio, but there was still plenty of adventure! The tale meandered through several settings and involved everything from a crocodile to Moses to hunting to an important cat. Two of the main characters were Chebron (son of the priest) and Jethro (one of the slaves), and they seemed to have something exciting happen everywhere they went! The best part of the story is when the family begins to realize they have been worshipping the wrong things, and they start to learn more about God. One reason we love this company so much is because they always tell tales that incorporate faith and redemption.

Along with the 2 disc CD set, we also received several downloads. The download we've used the most has been the study guide for The Cat of Bubastes. I actually printed the 47 page study guide for this adventure (yay for a laser printer!). I punched holes and put it in a folder. I've had Apple working on the study guide. It was timely because she needed a break from the history study she was working on this semester. The study guide includes 1 page of questions and vocabulary for each track of each disc. That's a total of 29 pages, and then there are Bible Study pages and additional history information pages. We listened to the audio disc in the car together, and now Apple is working through the study guide during our class time.

In our downloads, we also received the original G.A. Henty The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt that is 350 pages. There were also files for the soundtrack, a cast poster, the audio drama, and a quote poster with 1 Chronicles 17:20. The Heirloom Audio Productions always come with good quality downloads that turn an audiobook into a whole learning package. Since this is the 6th historic production, you could always do a whole year of history based off the Heirloom Audio CDs and study guides! Or you could pick adventures that supplement time periods and places your kids are already studying. While the stories are fictional, they always include some historically accurate information. The Cat of Bubastes includes a short bit about Moses, and it also talks about the Jews sent to live in Geshon. That all coincided with the Bible studies from the Old Testament that Apple and Speedy have been working through. 

We get excited everytime we see that a new Heirloom Audio Production is in the works. These high quality productions always include a cast of familiar names and The Cat of Bubastes is no exception. From Brian Blessed to Anthony Daniels, the voices are strong and add to the excitement of the adventure. This audio drama is recommended for ages 6 and up and is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. Audiobooks are a great way to sneak some extra learning to time in the car.

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