And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, November 7, 2016

Changing it Up

I posted awhile ago about priorities. I've really been concentrating and praying over my priorities and how to work those out in real life. We've had some challenges over the last few months (really when do we NOT have challenges?), and I've wanted to chuck all the responsible thinking and just roll with the flow. I'm not really a roll with the flow type person, but it always sounds intriguing!

Two years ago I joined the Crew to give our homeschool some variety. I wanted to try new things and so did the kids. At the time, I also entertained the idea of making this blog more lucrative. We have loved our time with the Crew. The members are amazing, wonderful ladies who are full of wisdom. The various products we have received have been huge blessings. Our kids have enjoyed trying new languages, new literature, and even new math. This year the Crew products became the backbone of our homeschool time. I've spent very little money on any homeschool materials this year because we've had a plethora at our disposal. The Crew is an amazing thing, and we have loved it. After much prayer (and a little heartache), I've decided not to join the Crew for the 2017 run.

The blog is going to slow down, but I do hope to keep it active in some ways. I want my life, my hours, and my minutes to reflect my priorities. Blogging started as a fun venture that became a way to earn some free products that has never really made much money that became a time drain. Blogging is an amazing outlet, and it can surely become a lucrative business. For this season in our life, I need to dial it back a bit.

So stick around! To keep up with all the amazing Crew reviews that I know are coming in 2017, follow some of my lovely friends from the 2016 Crew.

Just for fun, in 2016 I have completed over 100 product reviews (not all here on the blog). I've amped up my graphics skills. I participated in a weekly ABC Blogging challenge (began in 2015). I improved my blog organizational skills by keeping printables in a binder. I lost a large portion of a very important review and had to rush to fix it in tears. I felt like I found a groove to writing and prescheduling posts. All of my followers stats went up. I spent many hours on the computer doing all of these things. Thus my need for a little break. :)

I hope you'll stick around...because our chaos never ends!

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