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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hospitality Update

As 2016 comes to a close, it's fun to look back at my word of the year and reflect. I wanted to make hospitality a priority in 2016. There were successful months and some less successful months. All in all, I believe we had a great number of people in our home at various times, and I think they all felt welcome and comfortable here. While hospitality won't be my #1 goal for 2017, I hope the things I have learned will carry on.

I knew going into this challenge I set for myself that I would need to keep the house in better order. While I have always been a neatnik, part of hospitality is always being prepared for company. I've settled into a reasonable routine this past year. I finally have an attack plan that keeps my house neat and tidy most of the time. The kids each received more chores this year so they have lightened my load. Keeping a loose cleaning schedule is working for us. I pick a day (usually Saturday or Monday) and spend about 3 hours picking up and cleaning the house. Then the kids and I take on jobs throughout the week to maintain the house.

One thing that took me nearly a year to figure out is that I also need to have myself at ready. A few weeks ago I realized I'd feel better (and more prepared) if I would get up and get dressed and fixed up each day. I've gone back and forth in this area (much as I have a regular house cleaning schedule). The first advice I've always given stay at home moms who are struggling is to get up and get ready every morning. There's something about a shower, fresh clothes, and dry hair that makes us feel more prepared for the day. When we first moved to this little town, I realized people might drop by more often. I got caught in my bath robe several times. I went through a short time of getting up and readying myself each day. Sometime after we bought our home and moved again, I lost the habit. It can be a difficult task depending on which schedule Hubby is working. Now that there are specific days that we have to go out of the house and so I know I must get ready those days. I recently realized I would be more motivated during the week if I'd just get up and get ready. It makes a difference for sure. I hope I can stick with it so I won't be embarrassed when someone pops in for a visit! It's a tough challenge some days though especially as the weather is getting colder!

While the month isn't quite finished, we've done well with hospitality this month. We had a gathering earlier in the month, and we will have a number of family members in and out in the next couple of weeks. We won't be hosting any other large Christmas gatherings, but we will enjoy the hospitality of others as we attend some!

It was fun this year to have a quantifiable goal that I feel like I met. It was nice to reflect back each month and give you all an update. I'm still praying and pondering over a word for 2017. At this point, I'm not sure there will be a word!

How did you do for your goals in 2016? Do you have goals already set for 2017?

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  1. My Word for 2017 is Commit. Two goals I have for myself are to read the Bible through chronologically this year, and to participate in the 52 weeks of declutter challenge to take back my home. Happy New Year!


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