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Monday, April 10, 2017

Home Ec: Meal Planning & Prep

Back a few years ago, I did a summer of cooking with Apple. We worked on at least one meal a week together. Since it was summer, the time it took to teach her and clean up afterwards wasn't as stressful. I'm so glad we did that! Since then she has been able to jump in and help with meals as needed. The older she gets, the more she can cook! She enjoys being in the kitchen, and I enjoy the extra help.

I recently realized that Speedy has never spent much time in the kitchen. He jumps in and lends a hand occasionally, but I haven't done any meal preparation lessons with him. When we decided to take a full summer off from homeschool, I realized it would be a great time to hide some home ec lessons into our days! I know from experience that hot Tennessee summers can equal crabby, bored kids so I like to have some planned activities ready.

So we'd make sure to get in our cooking times this summer, I estimated the number of weeks we were taking off and told the kids they would each be cooking one supper per week. We went ahead and made a list for each one of meals they'd like to try. Apple's list includes meals that take a little more experience, and she will be planning sides to go with the main dishes as well. Speedy's list is a little easier but includes a variety so he can try different cooking methods.

While one can't wait and the other is hesitant, I am excited that we have a lot of meals already planned for the summer months! I'm also looking forward to working with them on budgeting money and time for the meals. After loudly declaring I would meal plan for all of 2017, I'm sad to report those plans fell to the wayside around February! I hope this summer of cooking will reinvigorate my efforts to get us through the year!

Do the kids help out in the kitchen at your house? Do you have any big plans for the summer?

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