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Friday, February 5, 2010

In memory.....

Sunday is the Super Bowl. One of my favorite events of every year. Yes, I am a woman but I am also a complete and total football junkie. I have an unrational love for the Chicago Bears. All my male friends taunt me endlessly for this steadfast love I have for a team that rarely makes the headlines. I don't care. Da Bears are my favorite! Always will be! I can't to see a game in person someday. I love football way more than my hubby likes it. That's okay, he watches it with me most of the time. I have loved football since I was a little girl. I remember watching the Super Bowl when I was only about 5 yrs old. My kids watch football with me. My son especially loves the game! Who can blame him?

My dad is the reason I love football. He was a HUGE football fan. We watched together all through my childhood. He was also from Chicago, hence the Bears obsession. The sad part is that my dad passed away on June 29, 2009. This Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, would have been his 58th birthday. How sad and ironic that it's on his birthday. I'm sure that has happened before but this is the only time I remember them falling on the same day. He was in the hospital this time last year, unable to talk, and so that was tough too. Prior to his accident in 2008, we'd spend every Super Bowl calling each other about every 15-30 minutes to discuss the action. We were rarely rooting for the same team. He dropped the Bears fantasy when Peyton Manning arrived the the world of NFL. He became a serious Colts fan then. Me being the loyal gal I am has never changed. I do not favor the Mannings much at all. The hubster loves them since they are from his home state of Mississippi.

So this Sunday I will be rooting for the Saints (I love an underdog) and I will be missing my daddy. I will miss his phone calls through out the game, I will miss the jokes about his lack of birthday gifts, and most of all I will miss his contagious laughter and unending stream of jokes. My daddy had his faults, but he was always and will always be my dad.

And as a final time for me to say HA, I hope Peyton loses! My prediction is the Saints by 15!!!

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