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Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Ramblings....

So I was SO close on my prediction for the Super Bowl. I said Saints by 15 and they won by 14. Made my day!

On to more academic items, this morning we had some fun lessons. It was snowing again and they are predicting more to begin in just a little while. My kids are so tired of being in the house. They were able to play outside for  a short time yesterday while hubby grilled some chicken, but they are still rather stir crazy. Okay so I have been pricing the cube manipulatives and counting bears for math for A. They are reasonable but out of my price range for the moment. I had all but given up on hands on math for her until ta-dah! Saturday while we were cleaning up the playroom, I was picking up all 33 pieces of ice to the Don't Break the Ice game and I had an epiphany! The "ice cubes" are perfect little manipulatives!

So this morning A learned to stack, count, add, and subtract cubes. This was new to her and so exciting and fun. I think it made addition and subtraction more tangible. We have done addition and subtraction worksheets before but this was more interesting. After the cube lessons, we moved on to egg cartons. I have saved the last few we have had because I thought there would be some fun activities we could do with them. I cut the top off of two dozen and a half cartons. In the first one I just wrote the numbers 1-18 in the cups and we counted those and talked about it a little.

The second egg carton was our science project for today! I found this on several sites online and it was lots of fun! She picked all sorts of different items to put in the cups and then we froze the whole thing! She chose a goldfish, a toy ball, a piece of tape, a piece of paper, a piece of napkin, ketchup, coffee, milk, coke, an ice cube, mustard, a piece of gum, a gummy worm, an egg, a cutie orange, sugar, an eraser, and syrup. She was certain that everything would freeze except the ball. So we listed all of it on a sheet of paper along with her predicitions, then we popped it in the freezer. Several hours later (after other studies, a milk run to WalMart, and lunch) we pulled it out to see what had happened. She was excited to learn why some things froze and some did not. Fun experiment for sure!

We also worked on the 8th Commandment "You shall not steal" and on the state of Georgia. When her friend stayed the night over the weekend, A told her all about the first 3 states! Glad to see she is retaining the lessons! We also did a character study on honesty. After the modesty debacle last week, she has been asking me if certain outfits people wear on TV are modest, only she says honest instead of modest! LOL! So today we talked about the real meaning of honest. Cute study and no tough questions on this one!

Through all of this E colored a little and then he did some matching cards face up. He was excited to name each picture as he worked on it! He gets bored quickly and still isn't making much headway learning his colors, but he is picking up on the counting while listening to her. Also after our experiment he was walking around saying "No balls don't freeze and paper don't freeze." So cute!

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  1. I love to hear about your journey. Great idea on the "ice cubes." I can remember teaching the Kindergarten class to add and using everything I could get my hands on - little toy fish, bears, circles, fingers.


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