And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, May 7, 2010

whoop whoop

So I found some great deals at the Dollar Tree yesterday! Cute packs of 4 clocks that can be used to teach time, borders, posters, stickers, workbooks! A great day for sure! Then today we took a quick trip to the local office supply store with Nonna and I found some great shape cut outs for 73 cents and a word workbook for $2!!!! Great additions to our homeschool supplies!

Also during all the storms this past weekend, we moved a trunk and a large bookcase out of our back hall. This is a rectangular room/ hall that hasn't gotten much use in the time we have lived here. We decided we liked the trunk and the bookcase where we put them so we are going to leave them there. This morning I decided that space would make a great homeschool classroom! Currently all of our artwork, supply drawers, posters, etc have been occupying the kitchen. It has worked well and my dishes have stayed washed because I could do them while the kids were working. However this nifty hall space is also connected to the kitchen and laundry room and it will be a more compact area. This way any company we have over for dinner doesn't have to stare at the ABCs while they eat.

Once I have things in place more I will post some pictures. BTW yes I realize it is almost summer but since both of my kiddos are technically still preschoolers, their learning will continue over the next couple of months.  A will work her Hooked on Phonics up to the next level (we will save it for August) and E needs a little extra help. He hasn't mastered colors or numbers yet. He is very good with shapes and is improving on puzzles. In the fall he will go back to his playschool but will be promoted to the 3/4 yr old class. I don't want him to be behind on colors or numbers so I will give him a little more attention. I bought a great color workbook and learning letters workbook at the Dollar Tree so I am excited to pull them out. Also found some really cute posters geared mostly to him, a 1-20 poster and an ABCs poster. A is still really enjoying the states (although for a few weeks she didn't) so I found a nice full size map of the USA as a poster too.

The clocks will be great for review. She really had down the :00, :15, and :30 times then all of a sudden she didn't. Never know if she is just bored with the material or if she really has forgotten!

2 other things  a little off subject:

* took the kids to see How to Train your Dragon yesterday. I would really recommend this movie! It is not at all what I expected. It was humorous, suspenseful, and fun! They have talked about it all day today!

* Walgreens has a special online. Go to their online photo ordering and place an order for a 8 *10 photo collage. Use the code GOODTHOUGHTS. It is completely free!!!! You can even do a one hour in store pick up. I just got mine and it was 100% free out the door!!!!

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  1. I love finding deals! We might be moving if Gods willing. If we do I soo need a homeschool classrooom!!

    Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town


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