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Sunday, February 27, 2011

~New~ Walgreens Deals

This is a terrific week at Walgreens! Also their newest coupon book is available instore! Some of those coupons I used today! Pick one up near the door where the ads are stacked. The cover this month is green. Also remember according to Walgreens coupon policy you can use 1 Walgreens CPN AND 1 manufacturer's coupon per item. Pull out your coupon binders, here we go! {This week's paper had an awesome P&G insert!! Hope you got 2!}

Again Gillette Proglide Men's Razor $9.99-$4 CPN (today's paper!) - $4 Register Rewards (this prints at the end of the transaction and is good towards a FUTURE purchase)= $1.99

Schick Quattro Razor for Women $8.99- $2 CPN - $3 RR (Register Reward)= $3.99

Schick Hydro 5 Men's Razor $8.99-$2 CPN- $6 RR= 0.99

Glade Sense & Spray $6.99- $2 instore CPN- $3 CPN= $1.99

Colgate Total Advanced Tootpast $2.99- $3 RR- .50 CPN= .51 OVERAGE!!!!!

Motrin PM $3-$3 RR- $1 CPN= $1 OVERAGE!!!!!!

Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent (this was advertised $2.99/bottle but rang up $1.99!!) 2 bottles= $3.98-$1 CPN= $2.98/2

Finish Powergel Tabs $3.49-$1 instore coupon- .75 CPN= $1.74

Crest Pro Mouthwash 2/ $8- $2 CPN- $2 CPN- $2 RR= 2/ $2 (These usually run about $5.99 each!)

Nivea Lip Care $2.99 each= 2/ 5.98- $2 Facebook CPN- $2 RR= 2/$1.98

Carefree Liners .99 (with Walgreens CPN)- .50 CPN= 0.49

Listerine Pocket Paks $2.99- .50 CPN- $1 RR= $1.49

Theraflu 24 ct Warming Tabs $4.99-$1 RR- $4.99 Mail in Rebate from previous Sunday Paper= $1 OVERAGE!!

Airheads 6 pk 3/$3-.50 CPN-.50 CPN= 3/$2

I used $9 worth of Register Rewards from the previous week and got back $25 MORE Register Rewards!!!! Because the deals were so good and you can't do more than 1 of many of them in the same transaction, I will go back later in the week and do some again and some more that I didn't do today. The bottom of my receipt said my savings today totaled $61.12 plus the RR= savings of $86.12!!!!

Also I wanted to post this Fred's match up yesterday but I didn't get to it. I was told by a friend (Thanks Sandy!) that Fred's doubles coupons up to .70 on SATURDAYS only! I pulled out the last ad I got in the mail from Fred's and sure enough it said it on the front. So I did their matchup with doubled coupons yesterday.

Sundown Fish oil caps On Sale $2 - $1 cpn= $1

Tide powder with Downy $5- .35 CPN- .35 Dbld= $4.30

Charmin Basic 2/$4-.25 CPN - .25 Dbld- .25 CPN- .25 Dbld= 2/ $3

Old Spice Deodorant $2- $1 CPN= $1

Zest 5 Pk $2-.35 CPN- .35 CPN= $1.30

Cascade $4-.50 CPN-.50 Dbld= $3

Hunts Spag Sauce $1-.50 CPN- .50 Dbld= FREE!!!!!

Hormel Compleats $2-.55 CPN-.55 Dbld= $0.90

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