And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Apology Letter

To the couple in front of us,

To the poor man and woman that sat in front of us at the basketball tournament, please accept my sincerest apology. You see stadium or arena seating isn't really made for children. There isn't enough room and those tiny seats aren't really comfortable. You probably saw my children tripping and stumbling up and down the steep stairs. They don't walk well on flat ground, how are ungraceful kids suppose to manage those mountainous stairs? It makes me as an adult dizzy to sit up so high, so how are small children suppose to maintain?

We are so sorry for all the kicks to the head. It's hard to sit still.

.....for all the bumps with the heavy backpack full of coloring books, they needed something to keep them occupied.

...... for all the moving around when their friends came to sit with them.

.......and again 5 minutes later when their friends were ready to leave.

........for all the "I NEED TO PEE and I NEED TO POOP!s" you had to hear. They really don't have bladder issues or diarrhea. They were just bored.

......for all the I'M HUNGRY!!!!!s. We fed them dinner before they came, ice cream when they got there, and juice and snacks from the bag. They even snarfed down some of my bbq nachos and turtle brownie. Sometimes they are insatiable.

......for all the yells of "HEY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!" You see my 3 yr old son has a "girlfriend" on the cheerleading squad and he wanted to be sure everyone knew the hot college chick was with him.

......for all the whining. I mean they got bored after the first hour.

......for us going up and down the stairs over and over. They did really have to potty at least once each.

.......for the earthquake at halftime. You see they were excited that their friends on the gymnastics show team were doing the half time show.

...........Most of all.......... I am SO SO sorry for the melted ice cream I spilled down your back. You see when there was only a minute left in the game and we told them it was time to go.... they got all excited and I didn't want them to tumble down the mountain and I lost track of what I was doing and I had no idea the ice cream was even dripping until it was all over you. I was just trying to be responsible and take our heap of trash to the garbage can. Thank you for the strained acceptance of the situation. I really never do things like that. I felt so bad, especially when my husband was wiping your back with an obviously used napkin. It was all he had. Again so sorry...............

But on the positive side, at least the team we were all cheering for won!!!!! Go Lady Bulldogs!

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  1. LOL! LOL! LOL! Oh, and lets not forget the tears in my eyes. I SO sympathize!


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