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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Resource!

On one of my trips to Goodwill, I snagged a great resource for homeschooling! Now to be honest when we head to Goodwill I usually use the snatch and grab method. For some reason my kids are never calm when we are in that particular store. I think they have sensory overload because they both enjoy clothes, shoes, books, and toys and Goodwill is FULL of all of those! Plus the baskets there aren't really big enough for Speedy anymore and Apple is too big to get into the baskets anywhere anymore. So especially in the book department, I tend to scan and then just grab things of interest. If a book even remotely looks like it would be a help for homeschool and it isn't for high schoolers, I usually throw it in. Most of them are less than $2 so I really can't lose!

But I digress (I LOVE Golden Girls!), I was sorting a Goodwill stack last week and I found What Your First Grader needs to know. It says "Fundamentals of a Good First Grade Education."  This is a terrific book! I will be keeping my eye out for the other grade levels (they have Kindergaren- 6th)!   It is broken down into language and literature, history and geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science. Each of those divisions is further divided down into topics.

I went through the book and put check marks on the pages that were things Apple has already learned. Now we have added this into our curriculum. Yesterday we did the poetry section and today we did a section on instruments. She is always excited to have new books and new ways to learn. I'm excited about it because I have been concerned about our lack of art and music lessons.

It's great because it's so many topics covered in one paperback book. Although it was published in 1998, all the material is still relevant. These are also good because they are small snippets of information and not exhaustive. When you are able to cover brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments in one sitting, you are doing well!

So keep your eyes out for these at Goodwill or on Ebay. You should be able to pick up a used copy fairly cheap and I'm sure you won't regret it!

I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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