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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ham & Coke

When my husband and I first married, we lived in an old house in the historic district of our town with my Mom and stepdad. We lived there for about 2 years with them. One of those old Coca Cola pictures hung in the kitchen. In fact I think that Mom still has that old picture! We loved that house! Unfortunately it was very damaged in 2003 during a tornado. We have some fond memories of the house though, living together and having HUGE holiday gatherings (50+ people)!

One Easter while we were all living in that house, Mom decided to try a new ham recipe. First she and my Memaw went shopping for all the "fixins." That was a memorable trip because Memaw speaks her own language and when she was asking the meat department worker for the ham she kept asking him to "skewa" it. He looked at her quizzically and said "Excuse me Maam?" She replied indignantly, "Skewa it. I want it skewaed!" Well by then the hilarious fits of laughter had taken over and we couldn't interpret for the poor man. Once we had it together we explained that she in fact wanted it skewered. She turned to us and said "That's what I've been tellin him!" From her accent you'd think she was from Georgia, but that's just her name! She's from Tennessee like the rest of us!

That Sunday Mom cooked us a terrific ham luncheon. The ham was made in the crockpot, covered with Coca Cola and pineapple juice and tidbits. We've been making our hams that way every since then! The Coke and Pineapple gives the ham a sweet, rich flavor. The pineapple adds a fresh flavor to it as well. All the Coke and juice keep the ham tender and juicy while it slow cooks in the crockpot! And it works well whether you get the ham "skewaed" or not!

Everyone that comes to a meal when we serve our Coca Cola ham, is amazed by the ingredients! They can't believe it's so easy and that it's Coke that gives it such a wonderful flavor! We now make it for several meals and holidays throughout the year, not just Easter any more! It makes a terrific Sunday lunch because it's ready when you get home! The kids love Coca Cola Ham because it tastes great and they love getting extra Coca Cola!

We are definately a Coca Cola family (not that other soda!) and we incorporate it into many of our meals either as a drink, part of the ham, or on Coca Cola cake! We'll save that little recipe for another day.......

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  1. My mom used to use coke to cook with too. She used to make the best ribs with it. :o)

  2. Coke is also really good for marinating deer in to get out the gamey taste.


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