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Monday, April 11, 2011

Homeschool Update

Note to self: Next year make Spring Break much earlier, the 4th week of April is much too long a wait and will lead to craziness!

As you can see, next week can't come soon enough! My scheduling was really off. I thought making Spring Break the week of Good Friday was the best idea. Ahem. I was wrong (better right that down readers, I don't admit it often!). It just wasn't logical because Apple and I REALLY need a break AND when Spring Break is over, she will only have 3 week of school left. Bad scheduling. I will not make that mistake again!

Anyways! She is right on target with all of her curriculum. She has already completed a couple of items and is working her way through the rest of them. We are right on target to have everything finished by mid May. I am still pondering my way through which items we will use next year. Right now I am leaning towards creating her reading curriculum myself, purchasing an "English" curriculum that deals with sentence structure, parts of speech, etc and spelling, very on the fence about math~ I still feel like she falls somewhere right in the middle of 2 grade levels, I think in the Fall 1st grade math will be way too easy but 2nd grade may be too difficult, purchasing a geography or history curriculum, and we already have a science curriculum for next year.

For Speedy, I really want to get HOP PreK edition and then maybe a few tools to assist with numbers and ABCs. We still have lots of items to work with that we had used with Apple so resources are already in place for him.

I am looking forward to finishing up this week and having some FUN next week!

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