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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switch= BIG Difference

The little switch that has made a big difference in my marriage recently has been our nightly "dates." About a month ago, the hubby and I began watching our favorite show together on Netflix. Without talking about it, it became a habit. Once we put the kids down for bedtime, we both head to the couch and flip it on. We usually have a snack and just enjoy 45 mins to an hour and a half together. That's either one or two episodes. It depends on what time we sit down as to how many we watch.

I am a person that has a hard time sitting still. I'm always thinking of all the things I need to be doing. This time together felt a little forced at first. I trouble letting go of the dishes in the sink or the laundry. However as the nights passed, it became easier and easier. Now this little time together is something that I look forward to all day.

I honestly think it has made me more productive. Now that I know I cam look forward to the break, I don't take little breaks all day long. I work on the house and other things during the day so I'm ready when Netflix time rolls around. I sure am glad we picked a television show with lots of seasons! We won't be running out of episodes anytime soon! The great thing about Netflix is there are tons of series to watch if we do ever finish this one!

Which show is it, you ask? Well I'll give you a little's all about Stabler, Benson, Munch, and Tutu! The theme is related to the hubby's line of work.......And it's a fantastic show! We both have always liked these kinds of dramas! We do make an exception on Monday night. Instead of Netflix we watch Castle on ABC. That's our second favorite show together!

So I'd like to encourage you to make a date with your husband! Every night in fact! These dates don't cost us anything, we don't even have to find a babysitter. It's a great way for us to feel connected and make sure that we spend time together without the kids. Even though this was an accidental little switch, it has made the biggest difference for us!

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  1. aw...that's so cool what you and your hubby are doing! It's not good to be busy all the glad you made that little change!
    I secretly made a few small changes while mine was gone on his trip. We'll see how it works out and if he notices improvements. :o)

    Oh...cottonelle rocks. :o)


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