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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mailbox Mania!!!

What came in my mailbox this week:

Starkist Free Pouch Coupon (from FB promo)

Glade Spring Collection Coupon (from Right @ Home Promo)

Luna Bar sample with Coupon

P & G $32 Coupon Booklet

Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl Sample with Coupons from

$10 off $10 purchase Coupon from mall store

DuckTape Sheet Sample (from FB promo) *which I promptly cut and used on my shower caddy that I have for homeschool items! All my pens and pencils would fall out the holes but no more! The Zebra tape sheet made it even cuter too!

Did you get any great samples this week?

BTW some of you have asked how I get so many fabulous things in the mail.... the BEST place to find freebies & samples is Facebook! So many companies are using social media to get the word out about their products now! Also places like Twitter and company websites often have promotions! "Like" your favorite deal blogs on Facebook. Most of them will list deals throughout the day! Check out Carter Chaos on Facebook (shameless self promotion!) and also Raining Hot Coupons and Addicted to Freebies!

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  1. Just my little tip...I didn't want to clog up my personal Facebook with all of the companies that I wanted to like, so I used my "coupon email" (the one I set up for company emails) to set up a Facebook account just for my couponing purposes! :) It just keeps my news feed from being so overwhelmed!


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