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Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Kid Friendly Summer Getaways

Alamo wants to know about five summer getaways every kid should experience. We are of course a budget friendly family so I will share 5 places I think all kids will love without breaking the bank!

1. Camping..... we love to camp! We've only gotten to go once since the kids have been born but they had the BEST time! Camping is cheap, family friendly, and usually doesn't require long travel time. Once you acquire the basics (tent, sleeping bags, cooler, lantern, etc) then you can enjoy camping over and over! Kids will be able to experience things like a campfire, animals and plants in nature, and fresh air! They also get tons of exercise while camping and it's really fun if you go with other families! Many state parks have inexpensive but fully equipped campsites! Try checking your state's website for more information!

2. Zoo..... it doesn't matter which zoo you take your kids to, most kids LOVE animals! Mine are thrilled over and over again and it seems that they notice something new each time we go! Many zoos allow you to take in sack lunches or a cooler so your cost will be limited to gas and admission price. If you live near St Louis, their zoo is FREE to the public! All you pay is a small parking fee and they do allow you to bring in food & drink! Many zoos like this one have a water play area and a big playground giving you all day fun for a low price! This is also a great educational field trip and the kids won't even realize they're learning! If you aren't close to a free zoo, consider a family membership to your closest zoo. Most of the time these cost about the same as 2 trips to the zoo for your family. Many zoos participate in a program where you get free or discounted admission to other zoos in the same network.

3. Park playdate.... my kids enjoy getting together with all their church friends at the local park and even our church playground. We pack a sack lunch or pick up an inexpensive meal on the way and then spend a few hours playing. The kids are able to socialize and get all their energy out while us parents have the chance to chat and catch up. This is a FREE summer activity and one that we take advantage of many times throughout the year.

4. Movie theater... my kids really enjoy a nice afternoon movie. The summer is a great time as many new children's movies are released and we are free from homeschool to go and enjoy. Cars 2 will be released next month and my kids are already planning a trip! It is a splurge for us but if you take in a matinee and split a big soda and popcorn, it can be squeezed into the budget. This is often a summer reward for good behavior for my kiddos and no matter what we see, they talk about it for months afterwards!

5. Summer camps..... Apple has participated in a basketball camp the last few years and this year Speedy will get to join her! Camps are often available for a variety of interests and prices throughout the summer from swim lessons, to art classes, to sports camps you are sure to find one that your child will love! Summer camps are a great way to introduce your child to new activities and see if they are interested enough to participate in a regular season of it. We also consider VBS a Bible camp of sorts! Our church doesn't offer one but this will be the second year that our kids will participate at another church with their friends. VBS are free and typically include a variety of arts, crafts, and music with some fun Bible theme guiding them through the week!

I hope this helps you to find some great summer getaways for your family! Just spending quality time together, trying new things, will often create memories your children won't soon forget!

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