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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Living Literature Grammer and Language Arts Packets

I am so EXCITED about this curriculum! Cindy West with Shining Dawn Books has put together a terrific plan to incorporate Literature, Grammer, and Language Arts all in one study. The guide covers 15 books and is recommended for 3rd- 4th grades. I plan to use this in the fall with my daughter. She is quite an advanced reader and although she is only 6 she has already completed some 2nd grade work. I think this is going to be a great fit for her! Because there are several books covered the material stays exciting! Cindy includes some great information to help you get started and plan out your homeschool goals. Vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, reading comprehension, cursive practice, Living Literature Grammer and Language Arts Packets covers it all! All the information you need such as books, authors, and supplies needed (minimal) are included. This is a budget friendly item that is versatile and because it's in ebook format you can print the pages as you need them! I highly recommend this study for children that are good readers and interested in variety in their curriculums!

To order go here. You can also find more great items and information by following their Facebook Page at Shining Dawn Books LLC.

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