And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, May 27, 2011


I know my posts have been few & far between, so sorry! We are steadily working to get our house a little more organized (putting Apple & Speedy in separate rooms, making another room the homeschool room, getting ready for a yard sale, etc) and trying to find a rhythm for our summer months!

I began working on homeschool with Speedy the week before vacation. I must say (head tucked) that I haven't worked with him much until now. Ahem...... so we began with simple letter recognition and number recognition. He is really into time & clocks so I have added that as well. Basically we have a HUGE white board (THANKS MIKA!!) that we were using for Apple's weekly schedule for homeschool that has now become Speedy's learning board. I have our address & phone number at the top and then 2 big squares on the left side. In one square I put an upper & lower case letter (ie Aa) and in the other goes a number (1) and a shape (1 star). Next to that is a clock with the hands pointing to our number & 12 so 1:00. On the right side of the board is the alphabet and his name, Apple's name, Daddy's phone number & Emergency 911. Each day we go over the info on the board and then do a couple of worksheets to correspond with the letter, tracing, & cutting & gluing. He also has a devotional book that we are going to try to do 2 times a week. It started out rocky this week (I don't waaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaaa do homeschool) but got a little easier as the week went on. I'm hoping this is a trend! Tonight at dinner he was very proud to show Daddy his newest letter & number & name them!

Here is a great post over at Raising Homemakers that I think you will enjoy! It corresponds with some of my previous posts on modesty. Having recently been at the beach I know all too well what the author is feeling! How do you handle modesty? Especially with boys? Does your family have a "Duggar-esque" code word or have you found a different method? So far Speedy hasn't seemed to notice but I have a feeling it won't be long!

Another interesting piece this week. Did you see this article? A Canadian couple raising their child "genderless." Honestly is just makes me really sad for this child. And for the parents..... well are they clueless? By 18- 24 months children are learning about and establishing gender connections themselves. Do they really belief that even if they don't say she or he, this child won't realize it is a girl or a boy? Aside from just the practicality of it (girls or boys restroom, girls or boys clothing department, etc), God Himself gave this child a gender and nothing the parents do will change that. Rather than giving this child self confidence and freedom in who they are, they are imprisoning them into an abnormality. They need prayer and lots of it!

Don't forget no inserts in the paper this Sunday due to the holiday! Enjoy your long weekend and REMEMBER our armed forces and how many lay down their lives for our freedoms!

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