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Sunday, June 26, 2011

#DiscoverCanning House Party was FABULOUS!!! @BallCanning

Are you familiar with House Party?? If you aren't you should be! This was the first Party Pack I was choosen to receive! I got a Jarden Canning Party in a box! This package was FABULOUS! It had everything we needed to get started canning. I had NEVER canned before and I was able to make some terrific strawberry jam!

The party pack had a flip chart, canning tools, and party bags for each guest to take home. It had coupons and samples in it! There were also books of canning recipes for everything from pickles to salsa to sauces! They included pectin, funnels, and even the berry mashers! House Party has special sites and info for any party that they select you to host. If you set up an account on their site, you will get notifications when new party applications are available! I applied for about 5 before I was selected for one. The secret seems to be logging in the site on the actual "selection" day.                                                  

See how happy fresh, homemade jam makes folks? :) For more info on canning see the Ball Facebook page or go to!!!! You can also see more terrific canning photos and info about the parties at! Thank you Jarden and House Party!!!

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