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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you enter giveaways? Join blogging programs?

Do you ever enter blog giveaways? Or company giveaways? I have won some pretty great prizes from coupons to small items to $100 Ebates check on Mother's Day! Stockpiling Moms hosted the Mother's Day giveaway and I was thrilled when I won! Blog giveaways are getting easier and easier with simple forms to fill in. I want to encourage you to enter giveaways as you often can win a prize for less than a minute of your time! I recently hosted a book giveaway and I'm looking forward to hosting more soon! I hope more of you will enter in the future!

I was notified that I won another very EXCITING prize yesterday. I can't share what it is yet but I will tell you that it wasn't a typical blog giveaway. It was a special blogger giveaway and I had completely forgotten all about it! I was very happy that I won and even happier with the prize! When I can I will do a complete write up!

As my blog grows, I am finding it to be a lucrative adventure. If you blog I want to encourage you to look for special programs that can help you earn money, gift cards, and products for your blog! Social Moms often offer compensated blog opportunities and there are other like it. I've also been selected for some special product teams like Purex Insiders and Coffee Mate Brew Crew. I learned today that I was also selected for a special Kraft project. Like I said these offer free products, gift cards, or both for very little time or effort. These are also great ways to get your blog promoted to new markets since mose of these have discussion boards.

One last promo, I want to encourage you to check out The Blog Frog. This is a great place to find blogs to read, discussions on topics of interest, and new blog readers. You can check out the Carter Chaos Community at the Blog Frog by clicking on the widget in the right sidebar.

 This is all a work in progress for me! If you have a blog and are frustrated by low numbers, don't give up! It's a time and effort commitment like anything else in life!

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