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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kroger Deals

So going to Kroger on a Tuesday night gives you the opportunity to double dip into the savings pool. In our area Tuesday night is the time to swap the sales for the week as new sales begin on Wednesdays here. One drawback to it is that you can't be very organized. You don't know what sales will be already in the computer so you spend more time at the store. However you spend less time at home organizing so it may all even out! Especially if your hubby will keep the kids while you are there like mine did today! Thanks babe!

So here's what I got! I'll try to put a star by the "new" sale items for this week! Oh and you need to know that this week is a MEGA SALE!!!!!! Now if you are new to Kroger shopping, let me tell you that these are usually THE BEST sales of the year to stockpile and get some great savings! During a Mega Sale, you mix and match 10 items to get $3.00 your total. Basically .30 extra off of each item. There are always lots of items included and you can do multiple $3 off in one transaction but you MUST have items in groups of 10. Like I said you can mix and match but you must have 10, 20, 30, etc. Ok here goes:

Cottonelle Bath Tissue $5.99- $1 Cars 2 Sav- Kroger Catalina $2= $2.99

Juicy Juice $2.99- $1 Cars 2 Sav= $1.99 x 2

Keebler Cookies $2.69- $1 Cars 2 Sav= $1.69 x 2

Healthy Choice Steamers $2.20- $1 All You CPN= $1.20 x 2

Lays Stax $1

Goldfish $1

Kroger Eggs .88

Kroger Bread & Buns $1 x 3

Peaches .88 lb

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 2/$3- .50 SCPN- .50 DCPN= 2/ $2 x 2

Kroger Beef Patties $8.99- $1.25 KCPN= $7.74

Kroger Bagged Chicken $5.91

Minute Maid OJ $2.99

Hormel Pork Loin $5.99- $1 SCPN= $4.99

* Coke 12 pks 4/ $11

* Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $1.79- .30 MEGA- $1/2 SCPN= 2/ $1.98

* Caprisun $1.99- .30 MEGA= $1.69 x 2

* Compleats $2.29-.30 MEGA- .55 SCPN- .55 DCPN= .89 x 2

* Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.29- .30 MEGA- .50/2 SCPN-.50 SCPN= 2/ $2.98

* Pop Tarts 12 pk $2.69-.30 MEGA- $1/2 KCPN= 2/ $3.78

I picked up a couple of other items not on sale and no coupon and ended up with 40% savings!!!!!! I saved $64.70 total!!!

Other items in the Mega Sale include Pillsbury Grands, General Mills Cereal, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Ritz Crackers and MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!! Go Krogering this week, you won't regret it!

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