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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking for the HOTTEST TV and Internet Connection?

I'm totally a tech junkie. I love new technology and although I can't afford to buy every new item, I do keep my eye on new products because often they will save my family money. One technology I have been keeping my eye on is Verizon FiOS. FiOS offers TV and internet for your home. Unfortunately it still hasn't made it to my neighborhood yet, but I check often! To learn more about FiOS go here.

FiOS offers high speed, reliable internet. Let's face it, with all my blogging and couponing, I need FAST service, otherwise I don't have any time for my kids! has awarded FiOS the Reader's Choice award five years running! That tells me that customer satisfaction is HIGH and that's what I'm looking for! I need a company that has outstanding customer service and will work hard to make sure I am satisifed. I love to coupon and I love to save money but only on products that WORK and work well. You can find video after video of satisfied customers- moms, dads, kids, single folks- on Youtube.

FiOS also offers a cable type service. You know all your cool apps on your Wii and phone, imagine that for your television service. Watch your favorite show and Facebook all from your TV! FiOS also offers Flex View, a new way to buy or rent movies then watch them on the TV, computer, or your smartphone! That's great for moms like me that rarely have 2 hours to sit in one place!

Anything that saves me time is also a plus, television service and internet all on one bill helps me maintain my sanity! They currently offer a triple play price of $89.99/ month for the first year. That's TV, internet, and home phone and it doesn't require a contract! What appeals most to my family about FiOS is the new technology, fast internet speeds, and high rated customer service!

I've had Verizon cell service since my very first cell phone. We've tried other companies but always kept at least one Verizon phone. For about 5 years now, we've had both of our cell phones through Verizon and love it. We get great coverage, competitive pricing, and FANTASTIC Customer Service. I know Verizon provides those same options with FiOS. Keep your eyes on FiOS, they are coming out with more new technology! Want to control your AC, lights, and cameras in your house through your phone or laptop? It's coming!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS blogging program for a gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

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