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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Growing Up Amish

In Growing Up Amish, Ira Wagler shares his childhood and young adult years. I've always found the Amish to be an interesting people, and I enjoyed learning more about them in a first hand account. Even after reading this memoir, I still feel the Amish are a mysterious group. However Mr. Wagler shares customs, rites, traditions, and expectations in a Amish community. He even shares some of the differences between communities. Mr. Wagler shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Amish world.

Growing Up Amish will lead you to a gammet of emotions. At times I felt connected to Ira and his typical teenage struggles. On other pages I felt angry for the unjust things that he endured and in the next chapter I was furious at Ira for his choices. All in all I am glad Mr. Wagler shared his story. It would not be an easy one to pen and publish. He certainly has a hand to write just as his father did (does). Following his story from birth in a traditional Amish family, to a family move to a different Amish community, to his struggles with his Amish faith, to journeys in and out of the Amish community, to his lifelong decision, you get a first hand account of Ira Wagler's life.

If you enjoy true human stories, memoirs, people group studies, or just a good read, you will enjoy Growing Up Amish. It's hard to put down because you want to learn Mr. Wagler's final decision!

Tyndale Publishers provided the copy of this book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I think this story could be written about any religion. Sometimes we don't feel the tie that should hold us into how we are being raised and we search for what we need. I thought Mr. Wagler did a great job of putting his feelings into words.


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