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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Plugged-In Parenting

Plugged-In Parenting by Bob Waliszewski is a look at parenting in the midst of technology, television, movies, and music. Waliszewski gives practical advice on raising Godly children with media discernment. He uses verses straight from the Bible to remind us of God's view on what we see, hear, and engage ourselves in.

This book totally reinforced the practices my husband and I already are using. Although our children are only 4 and 6, we are very aware of the shows they watch, the music they hear, and the games they play. Just recently a family member asked me did I like a new song. I told her I hadn't heard it. She looked confused and said "But it's country!" I told her we don't listen to country. "Well what do you listen to?" "We listen to KLove." "What is KLove?" "Contemporary Christian. She said, "Oh well there's nothing wrong with country!" We went on to converse a little more. I don't have anything against country in general but some of those songs have lyrics just as bad as the newest pop songs. I use to flip around to a couple of low key stations more but I soon realized those songs and lyrics didn't sound nearly as good coming out of my baby girl's mouth. She loves to sing and will sing anything she hears. We choose a long time ago to carefully screen their music. They have heard some songs other than Christian but not many and not repeatedly. Our kids watch television too but it is carefully monitored. I like to think we are at a happy medium. Not too strict forbidding everything (I have seen the kind of rebellion that can lead too) but certainly restricting things that do not correlate with our beliefs.

In this book he covers many topics including ADD/ADHD, movies, gaming, texting, and more. He gives in depth information about how to reverse your family's media practices if you haven't been restrictive before. He gives wonderful advice on typical scenarios that may arise with your child as they get older. The book is also informative on how to use technology to assist you instead of working against you.

All in all, whether you are a Christian or not, if you are a parent you should know that movies and songs affect you and your child. I clearly remember leaving the theater after watching Mortal Combat as a teenager. I was ready to FIGHT anyone that looked at me wrong. The movie had me ready to take on anyone! So as a parent surely you are seeking good morals and good behavior in your child. Plugged-In Parenting is for all parents!

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.

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