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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Traditional Girls (*Hint there's a giveaway!)

Have you heard of Pumpkin Seed Press? Pumpkin Seed Press is a terrific publisher of Christian books focusing primarily on mother- daughter Bible studies. They also have a selection of other items including purity jewelry. You can find them on their website, Facebook, and Twitter!

On to the review, I received The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood amd Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide. Let's talk about Beautiful Girlhood first. I do not have the actual text for this one so I cannot speak to that book but the Companion Guide is terrific! Beautiful Girlhood is a revision of a text originally written in 1940! They really knew about traditional girls back then! This text and Companion Guide is geared towards girls ages 9-13. It covers Biblical basics for young girls translated into real life issues such as appearance, prayer time, friendship, and more. The book and companion guide are made as a study for mothers and daughters to delve into together. It is broken into 32 lessons and the Companion Guide includes Discussion Questions, Bible Activities & Applications, Journal Topics, and a Journal Response area for each one. Each one also includes quotes to add to the discussion. Here's one discussion question "Explain the comparision between the growth of a plant and friendship." What a terrific way to open up dialogue with your little girl. Sometimes it just takes the right question in the right context to dig into those deeper discussions. (Keep reading there is a giveaway of this Companion Guide in this post!)

With both of these books, it is all about having an open, honest relationship with your daughter. Our world today and culture really fight this idea of enjoying your child and them enjoying you. We are bombarded with the idea that all children despise their parents or that parents become their child's friend rather than guardian and guide. These books remind us that God intends for us to have a loving relationship with our children that includes a healthy dose of discipline and respect. The next book Beyond Beautiful Girlhood is for 12-18 year old girls. It reminds us that we want to be a friend and confidant to our daughter as they become adults. My mom and I are great friends. I spend time with her almost everyday and she is often the one I go to still for advice and talking out tough situations. I pray now that Apple and I will be very close friends when she is an adult and no longer in our home. We invest in our children now to enjoy the reward of watching them as Christian adults later.

So for Beyond Beautiful Girlhood, Shelly Noonan has revised and expanded original text that Margaret Elizabeth Sangster wrote in 1900! The companion guide is included in the text. The lessons are broken into 7 weeks and each week includes a Mother's study and a Daughter's study. The idea is that you will independently read the text and fill in your sections and then come together once a week for a discussion time. Shelly Noonan changed very little of the original text and so it reads rather funny in some places. However most truths about us and our emotions and stages are timeless. I did laugh when it referred to girls needing to begin chores and allowances at the age of thirteen. My kids are 4 and 6 and have several chores and receive a very small allowance now! The study guide portions include discussion questions, quiet time suggestions, verse studies, and more. One section even includes chore charts and meal planners that you can make copies of for use in your home. Again this is another great way to ensure discussion and interaction with your daughter. I consider myself to be pretty traditional and of course I hope Apple grows up to be traditional as well. No matter what she chooses to do or be as an adult, I want her Christian principles to be strong! I think any study that uses the Bible for its basis needs an A+!

I received these books for the purpose of review from Pumpkin Seed Press. All opinions are my own.

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