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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Well Planned Day Planner

How do I love thee Well Planned day planner? Let me count the ways.....

1. It is attractive. The cover is visually pleasing and the colors are great inside and out. The fonts are easy to read but not too plain.

2. It's sturdy. The spiral binding makes it easy to flip the cover back or fold it over. The front and back covers are durable. The pages are thick so they will not rip or tear easily (except the ones that are suppose to!) and writing will not bleed through (unless you use a heavy marker).

3. It's practical. It's large enough to hold TONS of important information, but it isn't too big to carry with you. Tiny planners rarely hold everything you need (so you end up with 3 or 4 different ones to tote) and something as large as my coupon binder isn't convenient to take on a field trip or whatever.

4. It has EVERYTHING!!! Okay I'm gonna need to break this down into several different ones. First, this particular model is geared towards homeschool families. They do offer many other planner choices so don't stop reading if you don't homeschool! The homeschool features are HUGE! It's broken down into two semesters for the school year. There is a nice section at the beginning of each semester for semester goals, curriculum plans, etc. Then there is a monthly calendar and then weekly pages broken into subjects. These sections have room for several students and all sorts of other info.

5. There are places for chores (including pull out chore charts), weekly goals, shopping lists (pull outs), and more, more, more!!

6. I have been saying for months that I wanted one place to keep up with school, family activities, and meal plans. This is it and EXCEEDS every expectation I had! Each week there is a section on the side to write dinner meals for each day of the week!

7. The calendar for each month has scripture recommendations to read through the Bible in a year and there is a nice scripture for each week as well as an inspirational story each month.

8. Back to homeschool features, the planner is designed for up to 4 students in the one planner. There are even 4 Report Cards included in the back!!!! Along with a place to record weekly grades and a spot for planning for next year.

9. Lots of little places for notes are throughout the planner. If you're like me, I'm always jotting down a recipe, address, directions, date, etc. There is a place to put all of that!! Oh and a place to keep up with you bills too! That's one more notebook I can ditch!

10. I can't begin to tell you every little thing this planner includes but I do want to let you in on one more surprise you'll find smack dab in the middle. Are you sitting down? A Holiday Organizer section!!!! A gift list, budget section, store list, and more! Who doesn't need to be organized for Christmas and Thanksgiving???

Seriously I am a pretty OCD person and I'm visual so I write down EVERYTHING. My personal FB status after I received this involved my heart being happy to have all these little blanks to fill in! And I meant it. I have moaned and groaned for at least a year about the lack of one place for everything. I've had a lesson plan book, grade book, menu plan, chore list for each child and myself, bill notebook, family calendar, school calendar, and more. That will all go away because now I can keep it all in one simple place. I like simple, don't you? This planner isn't hard. Step by step it walks you through easy organizing. Just fill in a blank at a time!

So I tried to take some great pictures to show you some of my favorite pages on the inside but the lighting just wasn't working. I went to The Well Planned Day website and lo and behold they have a nifty "PREVIEW PLANNER" button that allows you to browse through every page! On that website you can see all the wonderful products they have to offer!

To Buy Click Here! You will not be disappointed with this planner at all!  It's also available in PDF form if you prefer that format to paper. And don't forget they also carry multi purpose and student planners!

I received this planner for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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