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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day at the Farm 2

Last year I told you about our fantastic farm field trip here. Friday we went back to the same farm for another field trip and it was just as terrific!!!!

We hit up some of the cool photo op areas!

The play area was still a big hit!

There was a new bouncy ball rodeo area!

My kids wanna know when can get our own corn box.

They did the pony ride this year!

Hey mom check out the cotton field!

Speedy was upset that the pumpkins were dirty.

We had a GREAT time!!! Field trips are the BEST!!!

If you haven't been to a local farm, I encourage you to check one out if there is an open one in your area! They love to show off what they do and many of them are open to the public this time of year. This farm we went to is one of several in our area that offer these activities. They also have a country store, sell fruit, veggies, and flowers, have horse riding lessons, and offer packages for birthday parties, family reunions, and more!

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