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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keeping A Good Attitude #HasbroKREOsets

When you have children, bringing them joy during the holidays is such a wonderful feeling. I love my children's excitement over all the wonders of Christmas! However as an adult who has lost several close family members in recent years, Christmas can be bittersweet. I miss my dad & my grandma so much, it can be hard to focus on the positive side of things.

The ways that we keep the joy in the Christmas season are:

  1. We focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Each year we add in more traditions to keep our real focus of the season on Jesus. Just reading the Bible verses about His birth brings hope and faith into our hearts. Doing our advent tree and all our fun Christmas crafts on Jesus keep our minds and hearts focused on all of our many blessings.
  2. I'm excited to try some new traditions this year! I'm really thinking of doing a 12 Days of Christmas where we take inexpensive but thoughtful items to those we appreciate. One each day will keep our hearts and minds in the right place! Great ideas for those to bless: Pastors, firefighters, police officers, librarians, bank workers, postman, etc. Bringing joy to others always gives us joy!
  3. Smells of the season! We all know that smell can trigger happy memories and really get our Christmas juices flowing. We've already been doing some baking and cooking. My kids really love to get involved in the kitchen and it's a great way for us to create new memories and spend some special time together!
  4. Time Together- just spending time as our family of 4 helps us to focus on family, commitment, and love. Even if we are all just sitting and enjoying some Christmas music together, we are sure to have great conversation and a few laughs!
Keeping the right spirit of the holidays doesn't have to be expensive, overwhelming, or planned down to the second. Giving yourself time to relax and enjoy the season with your family is the best mood booster of all! Just take a few minutes every day to clear your mind and think of a fun activity to enjoy with your family! If you need to make a list now, cut the ideas into strips, and drop them in a bowl. Then when you need a quick boost, pull an idea out and get to having fun! This could be a drive to look at Christmas lights or a few minutes of Bible reading with your spouse. Tis the season to be Merry!

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