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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makes Scents! #SeventhGenerationScents

What are your favorite smells? Do they remind you of a particular place or time? Smell is such a strong sense and it connects to our taste buds, memories, and more. Sense of smell isn't taken for granted in my family! Hubby had a head injury before we were married and he lost his sense of smell for a very long time. In fact it's never completely returned and it made a big difference in his sense of taste. You'd be amazed how often we smell things, until you can't! I have some big pots of soup cooking right now and the smell fantastic!

Seventh Generation understands the importance of smell and they have a new line of liquid dishwashing liquid in natural scents. You can check them out here or enter to win a trip! My favorite smells are mostly food smells. Just a whiff of bananas and I think of my grandma's banana pudding. The smell of the river reminds me of fishing with my daddy. The ocean smell brings back great memories from recent family vacations. A particular cologne reminds me of the days of dating Hubby. Baby powder makes me think of Apple and Speedy when they were tiny. The smell of a baking turkey brings back all the wonderful holidays at my mom's house.

The best scents in nature are the smells of pine trees. They take me back to camping with my family when I was little and playing with the pine cones and needles. They invoke memories of special Christmas trees and Christmas memories of the past. They even remind me of the pine scented air freshners that everyone used when I was a kid. We had a fake tree for several years but even then I bought pine scented candles to get that fresh pine smell. Now we are back to a real tree and the wonderful aroma that goes with it. Something about the earthy natural smells just reminds me of God and the intricate details of His great creation, down to the smells He gave us to enjoy.

I love other smells too. I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house, the bread baking at my favorite sub shop, my favorite perfume. My kids love the smells of new playdough, crayons, and warm cookies. My mother in law loves magnolia candles for their unique smell. Who doesn't love fresh cut grass, a cake baking in the oven, a fresh Christmas tree? Tis the season for scents and smells and laughter and fun.

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