And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, December 2, 2011

Is it December?

Seems like I was just posting the woes of it being November and here it is December already! We've even had a snow already which is just unheard of in TN! It was a couple of inches of accumulation and my kids loved every minute of it! Apple will probably live in a state that gets feet of snow at a time when she is older. She just LOVES it. Speedy likes the snow but hates the cold so it's a short lived romance for him.

Anyhow we had a lovely Thanksgiving and we were able to enjoy 3 feasts with different parts of the family. I went Black Friday shopping which I have done every year for at least 13 years but may never do again after this year (that's a tale for a different post). The kids and I had a nice long week off to celebrate our thanks and the turkey. And now my shopping is mostly done, the wrapping is caught up until more packages arrive, and tonight we will go to our first Christmas party of the season. But we will and it will be a clear definition of a new semester.

Speedy has begun Math U See Primer and he is really enjoying it. He's finishing up his 5th lesson and has done very well. He will be finished with our modified version of Hooked on Phonics PreK before we go on Christmas break and he's looking very forward to beginning the "purple" Hooked on Phonics. He is progressing much better than I had expected he would. Speedy is enjoying school and has gotten right into the habit. The only place that his progression is painfully slow is writing. He just has little to no interest in it. He's never enjoyed coloring or drawing and it really shows now that he is beginning writing. He can write his name but he doesn't like to so he never does. I've really been pushing him to practice, and he just makes it a very painful process. Sigh......

Apple's painful process is still math. I think it always will be. She has the ability but just no drive. We are still working through Math U See Beta and she will be finishing it up in the spring. We will then move straight into Gamma. I think to keep her on track with math, it will have to be constant. No long summer breaks for math this year. She is doing very well with an English textbook, a Spelling textbook, a Social Studies textbook, and a Health textbook. I have those lessons laid out for the rest of the school year and she will be completed with some of them by spring. She's still consuming books. We went to the library the Wednesday before our Thanksgiving break and I let her get 8 books. I was hoping they would get her through the week we didn't have class. Instead she was finished with all 8 by Sunday night and our break didn't begin until Monday! We are blessed to have TONS of books here at home and many of them she still hasn't read. She is also still reading her way through the Little House series. She's a big mystery book lover and those are the ones she seeks at the library.

Together they completed their Science co-op lessons and we will begin a new book in January! This school semester has really gone well. We've had some tough days (didn't think Apple & I were going to make it through subtraction with regrouping earlier this week) but we have more good days than bad. I can really see that they are learning and I love spending time with each of them. Budget restraints have kept us at home more than ever before but it's been a blessing.

We began our Jesse Tree yesterday and they just absorb the word of God. They love each little symbol and it's wonderful this year to see them rejoice in the true meaning of Christmas!

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