And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Times They Are A-Changin....

I've seen it in the last 10 years. Times are slowly changing. Well things are always changing but now things are slowly moving backwards instead of forwards. Okay hear me out...I know technology is moving forward at leaps and bounds BUT I am referring to more social-economic issues. Ten years ago I began to see a trend of stay at home moms. Now when I was a kid, I only knew 1 mom that stayed home with her family. 1. That's it. She was awesome, fantastic, and a second mother to me but she was the only one I knew. And I didn't grow up in a tiny town. I'm sure there were other stay at home moms in my city but I didn't know them. However by the time I got married I saw a trend of young mothers staying home with their babies at least a little while. Between my "childhood" and adulthood I had seen 2 aunts make the choice to stay at home and the trend (in my sphere) grew and grew. So much so that when I got preggers I wanted nothing more than to be at home to snuggle my bambino. Now I had wanted that for as long as I could remember, way before I was married or had children, BUT by the time I was pregnant, it wasn't an unusual desire. Day care is expensive and horror stories abound. Private in home care at that time was harder to find and I shuddered from the stories I had heard of mistreatment, neglect, filth, etc in those environments. (DISCLAIMER: one of my bestest buds runs an in home daycare now and she is FANTASTIC and clean and lovely! :) So I had to return to work for a short time but with much prayer I was able to quit my day job and stay home with Apple from the time she was only a few months old. In the years since we have made countless friends that stay at home with their children and the "network" just continues to grow and grow. I'd love to see numbers on stay at home moms vs. working moms but I know it's hard to measure. So many moms work from home in order to stay at home, some full time, some part time, many parents also work swing shifts so someone is always at home and there's the curve ball of stay at home dads. So in these regards, I feel like our generation has taken some hints from the past. Many of us now see past the women's movement, the need for everyone to work, etc. and we value the importance of the family unit, raising our own children, choosing family life over riches, etc. It's a good thing we began to see this early. (God's wisdom is profound and His plan is always perfect) Now the current economic times are pushing us even farther back. The latest news stories (if you can read around the political goop) are on multi-generational homes, homeschooling, and relearning arts of the past like making our own laundry soap, canning veggies, making jam and homemade bread, and relearning skills that many of us have forgotten like hunting, gardening, etc. These are important skills! Take note! Now is the time to learn some if you haven't. Times are a-changin and we may not be able to run to the local super store every time we need a widget or whatsit. How can that be? We will always be able to run down and buy everything we need, you say. Maybe not. I wouldn't depend on it. Stores and restaurants are constantly closing due to the economy. Manufacturers are shutting down. People are still losing jobs left and right. Times are a-changing. I can make my own laundry detergent for a year for less than what many of you pay for one month's worth at the store. What I see with many of these things is the initial cost seems high but oh boy does it equal out in the long run! My friend Deeds calculated the cost for making the laundry detergent the first time and I think including the 5 gallon bucket she came up with less than $15. Then you can make 3-4 additional batches at $1 each. One batch is 10 gallons of detergent. It lasts a loooooooong time. So hook up on Pinterest and learn some new skills y'all! My morning rant is brought to you by many online articles about homeschooling and a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch with extended family. We talked about the "new" economy, the things we've all been driven to look into due to tight budgets, and the things we have felt led to learn. I was chewing over the conversation in my mind after everyone left, and I was thinking back to a conversation my friend Toad and I had about 3 years ago. We were jokingly considering communes and how they work. He and I discussed that day the need for friends and family with various skills in order to survive. While I'm not ready to create a commune or even an underground bunker, I do think these are all important things to consider. If for nothing else, to pass along the art of bread making to our children. :)

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