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Friday, November 30, 2012

Need Safe Email for Your Kids?

 Safe E-mail for Kids! is a safe email service for kids and families. Your kids can now have a safe email account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive. You supervise your children when they go outside to play. Do you know who is contacting your child inside of your home? Let us help you keep your kids safe online! Safe Email for Kids? We've got you covered! Get a Free 60 Day Trial Now! This is for US Family Guide users ONLY! @kidsemail Use promo code: US Family when registering. This post is part of a promotion from my involvement with US Family Guide Bloggers. It is a direct ad copy and I was given a free trial in exchange for the post.

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  1. Take a look at I wrote it for my own children as part of my research as an IT lecturer. It controls who can send emails to your children and who they can send emails to.



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