And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, November 26, 2012

Reading Through History

There are 3 subjects that my kids just CONSUME. As in we have to buy multiple books for each of these subjects each school year: Bible, Science, and History. They are totally enthralled with them. Now the love of history comes straight from me, the love of science comes straight from hubby, and the love of the Bible comes straight from God! Of course we indulge them in learning in these areas whenever possible. It is, of course, difficult to come up with enough curriculum to satisfy their curiosity.  I'm always keeping my eyes open. When I recently saw an ad for Pages of History Volume 1, I was immediately compelled to find out more.

Now I will admit, anything from Veritas Press intimidates me! We have several friends (Hi Jen-nay & Holliday!) that LOVE Veritas and proclaim praises for them. I was not "classically" educated and feel unworthy of Veritas myself. However, how could I pass up the chance to review this history text? I couldn't. It wouldn't be fair to my children to let my fear interfere with a chance for them to learn history with a Biblical basis. Now I've long said that Apple can learn anything that is presented to her in story form. She must not be the only one because Veritas created this history book in exactly that format!

Pages of History Volume 1 is simply the story of James (a Christian) and his friend Lance (an unbeliever) and an awesome adventure that leads them through history from Creation to the Reformation. Now that sounds overwhelming and it would be in any other format. This text is 445 pages but the simple story form makes it very easy to understand. For independent study the target age range is 11-13 but the format and story line would be easy to read aloud to younger students. Apple has the ability to read this text on her own and she will. We will have discussions after each chapter. The discussions will solidify what she has read and also will give us an opportunity to discuss some of the material. Personally I was a little put off by the description of the "unbeliever." I'm not sure that younger children will interpret it as a true to life description of the way SOME unbelievers feel about Christians. Instead I'm afraid it will shed a very negative light on unbelievers for our children. Now obviously I want my children to be believers their whole lives but I don't want them to discriminate against unbelievers in any way that might make them forget to witness to them or to dismiss them for their opinions. Also in the book it refers to the "Great Cleansing" which I've actually never heard about before. Now the premise makes sense but later it refers to a final Cleansing and says that every Christian knows the date July 7, 2077. Hmmm.... I'm a Christian and have been for sometime and I've never heard of that or that date. I would've left that out myself.

So those are some main topics I will look to discuss with her. I love the charts, timelines, and drawings in the book. Those are sure to hold her attention! We can also condense some of our discussion for Speedy's level as well. He doesn't want to be left out! Veritas is running a launch special through Friday night at midnight (11/30). Use this link to order and you can get a $10 Veritas credit with every order and volume pricing of 40% off orders of 5 copies or more!

I received a copy of this book from Veritas Press for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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