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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Where do you stand with your daughter and makeup? Do you have a certain age? Do you let them wear whatever they want? Do you define different types of cosmetics as makeup? I think I've seen a little bit of it all from a family that had a complete ban on makeup- no lipgloss, no nail polish, no perfume, nothing- to a little girl on the news years ago whose mother complained that the 4 year old wouldn't leave the house without full makeup (umm.....who was buying all that makeup?!?!).

As with most things, we try to find a happy medium with our daughter. Apple is almost 8. So young in so many ways although certainly not a toddler anymore. We've never made a huge issue out of makeup (because if we did she would make a huge issue out of it), but she knows she can only wear light lip gloss and we allow her to wear nail polish. She also knows that even that light lip gloss is only acceptable in certain situations.

So when my Holiday VoxBox arrived from, Apple snagged the NYC New York Color Lipshine. The color was Nude York City and the color was very light. She asked if she could have it and I agreed. She loves it! The color is so light, it really just gives her full lips a little shimmer. I asked her to review it for me and she told me that it's great!

 "It doesn't have a bad taste like some of my lip glosses and it isn't really thick," she said.

She was all too happy to pose for a picture for me before church on Sunday morning. I love that she can wear it and feel girly and grown up without overdoing it. I also love that the price is reasonable enough that she can buy more with her allowance money if she wants to. 

So if your daughter needs a little Lipshine, I totally recommend NYC New York Color! You can find it in your local retailers. 

I received this product free in my Holiday VoxBox from All opinions are my own.

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