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Monday, February 18, 2013

Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheet

I received one sheet of the Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheet to review. Before my sample arrived I had looked over the Magic Whiteboard website. Their site promotes the Letter Sheet as a dry erase sheet that will cling to various surfaces without the aid of adhesive material. I had it pictured in my mind that this would be a great product to adhere to Apple's desk for use as scrap paper during math.

When my sample arrived it had been damaged during shipping. I really believe this had more to do with the fact that it was sent as one individual sheet. The Letter Sheets can actually only be purchased in a bundle of 20 ($15.99) and I'm certain that a whole pack would be packaged much better. I was disappointed that it was damaged though.

The sheet itself is much thinner than I had expected it to be. While it did lightly "cling" to some of my surfaces, there is no way it would work on her desk. It would not stay put, it would crumple up, or just attach to her paper or book. Their site shows it on the fridge for a list maker or reminder spot. I need to use lists in my phone or on paper so that they can go with me. We use a large calendar for reminders so it wouldn't be useful in that capacity for our family either.

We use lots of dry erase items in our school room. We have 2 large boards that I use for visual work. The children have their own smaller boards to practice writing and drawing. I got a pack of 3 of the smaller boards (one side is lined) for much less than a pack of 20 Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheets. I've held onto the sheet I received for several weeks trying to come up with a useful purpose for it. I honestly haven't come up with any yet. I considered cutting it into smaller pieces to carry in my purse for the kids to draw on while waiting at restaurants but I really wouldn't want to carry around the sheet and the dry erase marker that came with the sheet. Plus most restaurants give the kids a coloring page to keep them busy while we wait.

Perhaps you have the perfect use for it! If so, share it with me! They offer other dry erase products as well that you can view at can connect with Magic Whiteboard on Facebook and Twitter: @MagicBoardUS &

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only review products or services I use personally.

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