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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Family Sundays

Several years ago we decided we were tired of fighting the crowd to eat out every Sunday. It was just too much money and too much trouble. My mom and I put our heads together and dusted off our slow cookers. Since then we've been having family style lunches on Sundays usually at my house. The slow cooker makes it so much easier. For a long time we were at a church on the other side of town so we all got here about the same time. Now we are at a closer church and our services end before the services at their church so I come on home and get things ready.

Back in the summer I started jotting our lunches down in a journal so we could flip through when we ran out of ideas. Usually we try to pick something that one of us already has the ingredients to make or something that just sounds really good. Of course our menus tend to change as the seasons change. Since I do most of the cooking my sweet mama tends to provide the more expensive portions of the meal but we try to keep them all economical and easy.

I thought I'd share our easy meal with you that we enjoyed today. Maybe it will help you create a family Sunday meal and save you some $$!

Chili/ Slaw Dogs

Hot Dogs (you can use your favorite hot dog, brat, sausage, etc)
Veggie Oil
Chili (we had some my mom had made earlier this week)
Slaw (I mixed this up before church this morning and stuck it in the fridge)
Desserts (we grabbed an inexpensive pack of cookies at the bakery of the local superstore)

So Mom provided already made chili, I mixed up the slaw, and this morning I put the hot dogs in the slow cooker on low. No frills, little work. I literally just open up the slow cooker and put the hot dogs in, no bother with putting holes in them or adding water or anything. After church I came home and fried up the french fries. Apple enjoyed a chili dog, Speedy enjoyed a slaw dog, and the grown ups enjoyed it all! I opted for chili cheese fries with a slaw dog. All this just to say we do these lunches as really informal buffet style meals around the kitchen table. It works great for us.

If there is interest I will post a few more of our favorite Sunday meals over the coming weeks.

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