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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Find Your Way

Do you ever feel like you need one of these    

to navigate through the Bible?

Even though I've read through the Bible again and again sometimes it can be confusing and I can feel lost. It seems crazy that I can have so many verses memorized but find it so difficult to just open it and read front to back. I've tried different and interesting ways to go through the Bible from challenges (read the whole New Testament in 90 days) to chronological (from an AWESOME study) but I can't always just pick it up and start in Genesis and wade through.

Smart people realized how difficult it can be and they put together The Wayfinding Bible: Helping You Navigate God's Word from Tyndale Publishers. The Wayfinding Bible offers 3 paths to navigate through the Word. Readers can choose from:

Flyover- 54 readings to get a chronological overview

Direct- 215 readings to gain a full perspective in less than a year

Scenic- 386 readings to enjoy known and unknown passages of Scripture

Each of these are important and awesome to have right at your fingertips. Flyover would be perfect for a new Christian or someone interested in knowing more about the Bible. It could also be great for a seasoned Christian to give themselves a short challenge. The Direct route is the one I am reading through now. I decided it would give me a a big challenge that I could carry into the new year. The Scenic route is perfect for someone wanting a guide to read through the majority of the Bible. I'd suggest looking at this for Christmas presents. It would be great for a new Christian or a teen that needs to work through the whole Bible. With maps, extra information, and pictures it gives the reader so much to enjoy.

God's word is His gift to us. It is the place to turn for comfort, guidance, stress relief, hope, and perspective. If you aren't delving into this Word then you really are short-changing yourself and your relationship with God. I encourage you to challenge yourself to read through part of all of the Bible in 2014. It will change your perspective and your life. When we step outside of God's word we tend to feel selfish. We decide we NEED this or we NEED that when really what we need is to lean on Him and his word. If you've never read through the Bible then begin with the Flyover route and when you finish it challenge yourself to read the Direct route next.

I received this Bible free from Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. 

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