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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crazy Hair and SKG

Ahhh so I have a confession to make. I've been in denial. To quote a friend, "I'm not one of these parents who has been sad about the kids growing...I have loved seeing them grow & do more." I feel the exact same way! I have never been one to hold my kids back. I've truly enjoyed watching them learn and grow....until recently. My babies aren't babies anymore! 

Now I know I've said that same statement on this blog a few times recently but see I'm in denial! I say it but I've tried not to REALLY believe it. Alas there is no more denying it. Apple is a......da da dum TWEEN. AHHHHHH! The horror. Not really. It isn't horrible. I'm just scared. Like first time mama scared because really that's what this feels like. Some all new territory. 

But as with most things in life, now that I've faced my denial, I'm ready to meet this challenge. I've hiked up my yoga pants and pulled my hair back and I'm ready to figure all this out. The Lord knows I can't do this alone so He has sent me some reinforcements. 

#1 I have an AMAZING group of friends that have first born children that are girls that are all super close to Apple's age. We're like an army of mamas. We are all going to go through this together.

#2 Secret Keeper Girls Crazy Hair Tour came to our city. Hallelujah! 

Apple & her friends before the show

Just a few weeks ago I bought our tickets and I read Dannah Gresh's book Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl. Mamas you need to read this book. It's good. Like I was so sure I wasn't going to be impressed and then I was! It is a great book if you're in the tween stage or about to be in the tween stage. 

Before we went to this special mother/ daughter night I scoured the internet looking for more information about what the night would hold and I was disappointed to not find much at all. I was NOT compensated in any way to provide you with this information. I just wanted to provide mamas with a little more info in case you are trying to decide if this tour is right for you and your daughter.

Now the tour goes to churches and schools and other venues all over the place. You can check out the Secret Keeper Girl website for more information and tour stops. So each venue may have some different aspects. I don't know because I've only been to one.

Our event was a little special because Dannah Gresh made an appearance! It is the 10th anniversary and she was making a few special appearances and we were blessed to be one of them. We also had pre-show entertainment by Copperlily. FYI the tween girls LOVED them! And they just released their first CD. 

There was a "bookstore" set up in the lobby with t-shirts, hoodies, hats, necklaces, and books for the tweens and the moms. Oh and crazy blinky hair things too. We passed on those but plenty of girls had them on. The prices were reasonable and Apple was pleased to pick up a few items. Of course she had to have a Copperlily CD too and she got it signed. Woo! (This is some exciting stuff for an almost 9 year old.)

So the show is about 3 hours long. There was a short intermission towards the end. It was relaxed enough that you could go out for restroom breaks or whatever as needed.

This is what I was looking for before we went that I couldn't find much about:

*There was some worship time at the beginning and near the end. It was great. Stand up and join in.

*There were some short stories and some are acted out.

*Be ready for a lot of audience participation. If you have are prone to headaches (raises hand slightly) be aware that a lot of tween girls and mamas yelling is LOUD. 

*Anyone under the age of 8 is probably not going to get this program. It is LOADS of fun and everyone had a great time but I saw some very bored younger girls there. It isn't tailored to them. The prime age is 8-12.

*There is a very short talk about modesty and a fashion show.

*Be ready to dance mamas and daughters! 

*Wear CRAZY hair. It might get you on stage!

Apple's crazy hair (dinner before the show)

*There isn't any talk about those BIG topics you may or may not have discussed yet. No worries there.

*The message is a Godly one- don't be "normal" and follow the world, be CRAZY and follow the Lord!

*There are scripture verses to remind your princess (and yourself) how God sees her/ you.

*You won't be disappointed. This is a high energy, super fun time and it went so quickly. I was amazed when our time was up.

*The ladies on stage were terrific. You can really tell they are passionate about their message and they were so, so sweet as they greeted the girls, signed autographs, and took pictures with girls after the show.

I did not received any compensation for this post. These are simply my opinions on a phenomenal event. 

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