And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Six Days

I saw a report this morning that Bill Nye will be doing a debate with Ken Ham. I find this very interesting. My kids have enjoyed Bill Nye's science in the past but after his inflammatory remarks regarding creationism and Christianity, we have veered away from Mr. Nye. I also find it intriguing because I've just been reading Ken Ham's book Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church (published by MasterBooks). 

I have to say this book has surprised me. I expected it to be full of information that I already know. I was wrong. Ham (as usual) has done an excellent job of researching and compounding a large quantity of information. He brings together the proof and science of God's creation of the Earth in 6 days. In doing so he also brings to light the movement of some preachers and churches that are trying to change the Bible to align with Big Bang science and/ or the age of the Earth being millions of years old. I've personally heard preachers say things like, "We don't know that each of those first 6 days were thousands or millions of years long." Honestly I didn't give it much thought. That's how our minds our infiltrated and indoctrinated into ideas that aren't Biblical. Here he gives us the facts and reasoning behind belief in a literal 6 days. In his typical fashion he presents his information clearly using pictures and other visual effects when needed.

Ham also spends a good deal of time explaining why we need to make sure our children understand our belief and our reasoning behind those beliefs. He's right when he says that in general churches spend too much time teaching Bible stories and not enough time teaching apologetics. However I am one that is a strong believer in parents taking the time to teach their children Biblical truths and then attending a church that supports those teachings, not expecting the church to do all the teaching. In this busy world it is important that we take time to show our children our beliefs every day, not just on Sunday. It is no wonder that so many that are raised in Christian homes grow up to abandon those Christian beliefs because they were only modeled on Sunday mornings.

So from this book let's take away a strong belief in the Bible. The whole Bible. Including those first 6 days. Let's also take away the importance of talking with our children about our beliefs and how to defend them. And let's look forward to this debate and pray that God uses it as a time to strengthen believers, open the eyes and ears of the unbelievers, and spread His message.

See a special preview of Six Days here. You can see other reviews of this book here.

I received a free copy of this book as a member of the Book Reviewers for New Leaf Publishing group. All opinions are my own.

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